2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 100

B-100 2014-2015
Thedental hygienist is dedicated toproviding
preventative and therapeuticdental hygiene care. Some
of the responsibilities routinelyperformedbyhygienists
inNevada include:
• Performingoral cancer screening through
examinationof soft tissues.
• Examiningperiodontal (gumandbone) structure
aroundand supporting teeth.
• Takingand interpreting radiographs.
• Removing stain, hard (calculus), and soft (plaque)
deposits from tooth surfaces aboveandbelow
the gum lineutilizing scalingand rootplaning
• Administering topical fluoride treatments.
• Applyingdental sealants.
• Administering local anesthesiaandnitrous-oxide
• Designingand implementing treatment plans for
• Designingand implementingoral healthprograms
for groups.
• Providingdental health education for individuals
and groups.
Graduates of theTMCCdental hygieneprogramwill
beprepared to complete thewrittenDentalHygiene
National BoardExamination, theNevadaStateBoard
Clinical Examination andmanyother state/regional
clinical examinations in theU.S.
Thedental hygieneprogram is a two-year (four-
semester) programonce the student has been accepted
whichdoesnot include the general education
requirements for theAssociateof Sciencedegreeor the
scienceprerequisite courses for dental hygiene.
Dental hygiene studentsmustmeet certain technical
• Possess goodhand/eye coordinationandmanual
strengthanddexterity toperform instrumentation
skills necessary for direct patient care.
• Holda currentCPR cardandbeable toperform
emergencyprocedures required in thefield.
• Be free from conditionswhichput other humans
at risk (i.e., active tuberculosis. Personswithblood
bornepathogen infections arenot excluded from the
programor clinic facility.).
• Possess ability to read,write, recordand report.
• Beable tounderstandand react quickly toverbal
instructions andpatient needs.
• Beable to effectively communicatewithpatients
to explainprocedures, provide instructions and
Thedental hygieneprogram is a limited entryprogram
with a competitive admissions process. Twelve students
will be admitted each fallwith aminimumGPAof 2.75
inprerequisite coursework.Applicantsnot selectedwill
not be carried forward to thenext year, andmust reapply
for consideration.Additional program information is
available in thedental clinicoffice 775-673-8247, located
in theRedMountainBuilding (RDMT) 415A, thehealth
sciences office 775-673-7115, located inRDMT417,
Admissions andRecords inRDMT319, counseling in
RDMT325, and academic advisement inRDMT111.
This is a limited-entryprogram.Thedivisionof sciences
dean’s officewill be responsible for the initial screening
of applicantsmeetingminimum criteria. Thefinal
selectionof studentswill be conductedby thedental
hygieneprogram screening committee. Applicantswill
be rankedusing selection criteria including experience
in thefield, overall prerequisiteGPA, prerequisite science
GPA andother criteria establishedby the screening
Students accepted into theprogramwill be required
to showproof ofCPR certification and adherence
to thedental hygieneprogram infectious disease/
immunizationpolicy, prior to admission into the
program. Please contact programdirector for
requirement information.Medical, eye anddental
examsmust alsobe completed.Medical insurance is
All states require that dental hygienists be licensed. In
addition to successfullygraduating from the accredited
dental hygieneprogram andpassing thewrittenDental
HygieneNational BoardExamination, graduates
must pass aClinical Examination.TheNevadaDental
PracticeAct (NRS631.290) requires that candidates for
licensurebeof goodmoral character andbe citizens of
theU.S. or lawfully entitled to remain andwork in the
U.S. Prospective students are advised that if theyhave
felonyormisdemeanor convictions or have ahistory
of substance abuseor infectious disease that thismay
preclude subsequent licensure as adental hygienist in
Nevada (NAC631.050).
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