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Nursing Program Expanding in 2015

Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program will offer new degree and move into enlarged, remodeled facility.

Legacy Event Honors Students and Donors

TMCC Foundation hosts a festive dinner, creating connections for scholars and their benefactors.

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TMCC Band Concert

Tuesday, October 21
North Valleys High School, 1470 East Golden Valley Rd.

Free Student Workshop: Preventing Identity Theft

Tuesday, October 21
SIER 209, Dandini Campus

TMCC WellFit Lifestyles Program

Goals | Program Description | Suggested Activities | Wellness Links

The TMCC WellFit program offers a wellness approach to healthy living. This program will create a culture of wellness to improve the overall quality of life for the TMCC community.

Wellness is generally used to refer to a healthy balance that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

Our Goals

  1. Provide positive health and wellness opportunities for TMCC faculty, staff and students.
  2. Give participants the opportunity to explore healthy lifestyle options while promoting community awareness and involvement.
  3. Act as a resource for health and wellness information.
  4. Promote overall well-being.
  5. Enjoy a healthier, happier TMCC.
Wellness Wheel: PHYSICAL body ~ SPIRITUAL soul ~ ENVIRONMENTAL surroundings ~ EMOTIONAL feeling ~ INTELLECTUAL mind ~ SOCIAL people

Program Description Back to Top

To participate in the TMCC Wellness program, just follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for the program by using the ListServ email list (
  2. Download the WellFit Wheel of Wellness to discover how balanced you are right now.
  3. Choose your own wellness goals depending on the results of the Wheel of Wellness. Remember: Wellness is a balance. For goal ideas, use the suggested activities.
  4. Brainstorm some of your wellness goals. Write down every one that comes to mind!
  5. Select your top five goals, prioritize them and write what is necessary to achieve these goals on the WellFit Goals Worksheet.
  6. Work on your goals and keep track of your progress on the WellFit Progress Log. For ideas, use the suggested activities.
  7. Communicate with other program participants with similar goals through the email list. Inform them of upcoming wellness activities!
  8. At the end of the semester do the Wheel of Wellness again to check your progress on your goals.
  9. Participate in the end-of-semester celebration.

Suggested Activities Back to Top

  1. Physical
    1. Eat properly.
    2. Share healthy recipes.
    3. Move it! Do any exercise you like it, at least two days a week.
    4. Visit your doctor for a checkup.
    5. Take the stairs, not the elevator.
    6. Take a fitness class.
    7. Improve your stretching.
    8. Avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
    9. Understand basic nutrition information.
    10. Wash your hands after using the restroom.
    11. Take medication properly.
    12. Have strategies for managing stress.
    13. Get an adequate amount of sleep.
  2. Spiritual
    1. Attend a religious service.
    2. Volunteer to help out at charity events.
    3. Being open to different cultures and religions.
    4. Caring about the welfare of others and acting out of that care.
    5. Spend time reflecting on yourself as a person.
    6. Spend time defining personal values and reevaluating them over time.
  3. Environmental
    1. Keep a healthy environment in your office.
    2. Find satisfaction and worth in your work.
    3. Ensure your work environment and relationships are comfortable.
    4. Be aware of the natural environment in which you live.
    5. Work to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources.
  4. Emotional
    1. Spend quality time with your family.
    2. Take a class for pure enjoyment.
    3. Keep a positive attitude.
    4. Be sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others.
    5. Learn to cope with stress.
    6. Be realistic about your expectations and time.
    7. Take responsibility for your own behavior.
    8. Deal with your personal and financial issues realistically.
    9. View challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles.
    10. Function independently but know when you need to ask for help.
    11. Be comfortable with and like yourself as a person.
    12. Budget and balance your time to include both responsibilities and relaxation.
  5. Intellectual
    1. Read a book.
    2. Take a TMCC class.
    3. Join a book or movie club.
    4. Do crosswords or other mind puzzles.
    5. Go to a seminar or take a workshop about something new.
    6. Observe what is around you.
    7. Listen.
    8. Stay current with world affairs/news.
    9. Question.
    10. Expose yourself to new experiences (e.g. arts, theater).
  6. Social
    1. Show gratitude to those around you.
    2. Cherish existing friendships and develop new ones.
    3. Interact with people of different ages, backgrounds, races and lifestyles.
    4. Contribute time and energy to the community.
    5. Communicate your feelings.
    6. Recognizing a need for "fun" time in your life.
    7. Have a network of friends, family, or others for support.
    8. Play an active role in your culture and community.

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