Fitness Center

Physical Education Courses

We offer all types of workouts, from weight training to yoga. We also have activity classes like fencing, golf and volleyball. Check out one of these classes today for a fun way to add fitness to your class schedule.

  • Learn to play golf, tennis or volleyball.
  • Pilates is a great way to strengthen the core of your body.
  • Reduce stress and learn to relax in one of our yoga classes.
  • Take a fencing class and join our fencing club.
  • Enroll in a Physical Education class.

Body Contour and Conditioning

Body contour and conditioning classes offer you a great cardio/conditioning workout in class and fitness center time on your own to contour the body. You can choose from kickboxing or step aerobics.

Circuit Training

Circuit training gives you a workout each class period and offers a wide variety of lifts and routines.


If you are interested in martial arts we have karate classes.

Weight Training

Weight training classes offer you an opportunity to learn how to lift weights properly and get the most out of your muscles.