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Your compassion for health and fitness drives your lifestyle, so a career in which you help others is a necessity. TMCC's personal trainer certificate program gives you the advantage to start a successful career.

You will learn how to perform fitness testing on clients to better serve their needs. You will also find out about the fundamentals of the human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Fundamentals of exercise and wellness, as well as proper nutrition. You will become certified in first aid and CPR. Business management skills will also be learned. You do an internship within the TMCC Fitness Center and UNR Fitness Center to gain knowledge of running a facility and serving clients.

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Personal Trainer Preparation Program Courses

Not all courses are available each semester. To find out what courses are available, see the latest class schedule.

PEX 174 - Fitness Principles and Practices

This course is designed for individuals pursuing a certificate in personal training and those with an interest in overall health and wellness. There will be an overview of the body systems and functions as related to physical activity. The course will cover components of health related fitness and principles of physical fitness. Other topics that will be discussed in relation to health and wellness are nutrition, weight management, stress management techniques and special populations.

PEX 183 - Weight Training

This course is designed for novice lifters who have limited knowledge of strength training principles and fundamentals. The object of this course is to increase knowledge about weight room safety, muscle groups, strength training routines, spotting techniques, nutrition, modes of resistance training and proper workout structure. A maximum of three credits from 100-199 may be taken during any one semester or summer session except for special programs listed in the class schedule. When beginning, intermediate or advanced classes are scheduled in an activity, the student should consult the department to determine in which level to enroll. A student may enroll in the same class four times for credit.

PEX 199 - Special Topic: Circuit Training

This course is designed for individuals who have limited knowledge of fitness and strength training principles and fundamentals. The object of the course is to increase knowledge about proper fitness and strength training, while giving the student a variety of workout routines and ideas.

PT 100C - Intro to Personal Training

This course is designed for individuals who have an interest in becoming a personal trainer. The course will cover certification requirements, career opportunities and counseling for the TMCC Personal Trainer Certificate Program. Client/trainer communication will be the focus of this class. This course is only offered in the fall.

PT 120C - Techniques of Teaching Weight Training

This class is for personal trainer students only. This course is designed to give personal trainer students knowledge of weight training and how to teach proper lifting technique and safety. Students will learn how to present and demonstrate information. Students will also learn how to critique and provide corrective feedback to their client for improved performance. Students will be required to spend 15 hours in the fitness center as a part of this course.

PT 202C - Anatomy & Physiology for Fitness Professionals (90 hours)

PT 205C - Fitness Analysis and Application

This course is designed for individuals pursuing a certificate in personal training. The class will consist of learning what tests are used to measure a clients overall fitness. There will be hands on testing done on peers. From the test results we will look at the areas that need improvement and the best mode to use for this improvement. There will be in depth hands on training for cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular strength and muscular endurance. We will look at how to train clients with special needs and special population issues. This course is only offered in the spring.

PT 208C - Functional Anatomy for Fitness Professionals (90 hours)

PT 250C - Internship

Prerequisites: successful completion of all other PT program requirements. Become an effective personal trainer by practicing the skills you've learned over the course of this program. Under instructor supervision, you will train clients, teach weight and circuit training classes, and present wellness information. In addition, coordinate, plan, market and host a fitness event while building your hands-on skills. You will also meet weekly to review and prepare for the national exam.

EMS 101 - CPR and First Aid (or current CPR certification)

This course is a video-based instructional module in CPR and First Aid. It includes peer practice, manikin practice, and case discussions. This course may be conducted to train students in the academic setting or to provide emergency training in the workplace. This course may not transfer to a baccalaureate degree of art or science within the universities in the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE).

MASG 215C - Business & Marketing for Massage/Fitness Professionals

Ensure that your business succeeds by learning how to set up and market your service. You'll learn about bookkeeping systems, time management, customer services practices, client rescheduling techniques, target markets and business plan formation among others. This course is only offered in the spring.

MASG 205C - Kinesiology for Massage Therapists

Prerequisite: LMT or Biol 141B or Biol 223. Take part in this systematic, hands-on study of Applied Kinesiology. Once successfully completed, you'll have partially fulfilled the new Nevada licensure requirements for massage therapists. This class is also a requirement for the personal trainer certificate program.

NUTR 121 - Human Nutrition (OR NUTR 123, see below)

An introductory nutrition course for the beginning student. The course content will center on the major nutrients and their roles in maintaining good health. Students will also learn to recognize well-balanced diets and acquire helpful shopping tips and preparation techniques for optimum utilization of food dollars. Class meets for four lab experiences. Satisfies UNR core science Group B requirements.

NUTR 223 - Principles of Nutrition (OR NUTR 121, see above)

Prerequisite: BIOL 190 and 190L or BIOL 141B or permission of instructor. A course designed for the student in the field of allied health and for students majoring in Dietetic Technology. Emphasis on the functions of the major nutrients and their role in maintaining good health, beginning at the cellular level and extending to include interactional properties of nutrients and diets.

Please consult the personal trainer certification worksheet for required classes.