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Truckee Meadows Community College Fire and Rescue Academy

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The Truckee Meadows Community College Fire and Rescue Academy is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position in municipal firefighting. Upon completion the student will be fully certified to NFPA and Nevada Standards for Firefighter I and II (Firefighter I upon successful completion of EMT-Basic; Firefighter II upon successful completion of FT 109: Internship in Fire Science).

The academy is governed by the fire technology advisory board and administered by the academy staff. The academy is under the general direction and rules of the board of regents and the administration of Truckee Meadows Community College. Upon completion of the academy process, the student will receive 22 credits that can be applied toward an associate of applied science degree (AAS) in fire technology.

The Fire Academy format is outlined on the Full-time Fire Academy Web page.

Primary Objectives

  1. Prepare the student for a career in the fire service by giving the student the required academic and practical skills to function as a firefighter.
  2. Develop the student's self-confidence, professional demeanor, and enhance the student's ability to succeed in the fire service.
  3. Start the student on a track toward a college degree in fire technology.


To receive full NFPA Firefighter I and II certification, the student must complete: EMS 108, EMS-Basic, FT 109: Internship in Fire Science, and complete an NFPA physical.

Upon completion, the student will have met or exceeded all national and state standards for the following certifications:

  • NFPA Fire Fighter I
  • NFPA Fire Fighter II
  • Hazardous Material First Responder, Operational/Awareness
  • Vehicle Extrication Operational
  • Basic Wildland Fire Fighter, S-110, 130, 190, 134, L-180, S-212, S-290
  • Incident Command ICS 100/200/700
  • NFA, Fire Fighter Safety and Survival
  • TMCC Driver/Pump Operator Awareness


  • FT 101: Introduction to Fire Fighting or,
  • FT 102: Entry Level Fire Fighting
  • Agency Affiliation

How to Apply

Submit an online academy application by August 1. You must also have applied and been accepted to the college. Letters/emails detailing testing dates and requirements will be sent to you as soon as possible after the application deadline.

  • The application deadline for fall semester is August 1.
  • The application deadline for spring semester is October 15.
  • Students will be notified of academy start dates within their acceptance letter.

Note: Due to the high mental and physical demand of this career, some accommodations that can be made in the classroom may not transfer to employment. Qualified, self-identified students with documented disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at Truckee Meadows Community College. For assistance, contact TMCC's Disability Resource Center.


An academy orientation is mandatory. Students will be notified of specific dates and times within the acceptance letter.

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