Financial Aid and Scholarships

Can I use the Millennium Scholarship at two schools during one semester?

This is a slightly complicated question. The Millennium Scholarship has a limitation of being able to fund only twelve credits per semester as well as a minimum number of credits to be eligible at each individual institution. For example, you could take 6 credits at one community college and 6 credits at another community college concurrently and receive Millennium from both schools. In this situation you have met the minimum credit eligibility requirements at both institutions, and you have not exceeded the twelve credit maximum semester limitation. In contrast, if you were enrolled in 6 credits at a community college and 6 credits at a university, you would only be funded at the community college because the minimum requirements for a university are that you be enrolled in twelve credits. In specific circumstances, it may be appropriate to request funding from a community college and a university.

For details, visit the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program.

Can I use the Millennium Scholarship for late start courses?

Yes. The Millennium scholarship can be used for late start courses as long as they are not remedial (courses numbered below 100) or workforce development courses. However, depending upon when you register, your award may need to be increased after it is initially made. If you sign up for a late start class after the semester has begun, please contact our office at 775-673-7072 and ask for the Millennium Coordinator in order to avoid delays in the processing of the Millennium scholarship.

Can I use the Millennium Scholarship for online courses?

Yes, the Millennium Scholarship can be used for online courses with the exception of workforce development and continuing education courses and remedial courses (courses numbered below 100). Remember that you still must enroll in at least 6 credits in order to use the Millennium Scholarship. If you have questions please contact us.

Can I use the Millennium Scholarship for summer classes?

Yes, you can use the scholarship for summer classes. You must have either received the Millennium Scholarship at an eligible institution the spring prior, or are already enrolled in the minimum number of credits required for the institution for the following term. You must also be in a declared major at TMCC for the summer term. The summer Millennium funding is set up as a reimbursement. Therefore, you would need to pay for your classes, and we will reimburse you Millennium funding for the classes you complete, up to 12. The reimbursement check is refunded to you in October after all the fall disbursements are done.

Does the Millennium Scholarship cover books and supplies?

The Millennium Scholarship covers $40.00 per credit at TMCC, which does not cover tuition and fees in full. The current TMCC tuition and fees schedule is available online. If another funding source pays your tuition at TMCC, the Millennium Scholarship may be used to pay for other educational expenses. In this case, you would receive a refund from TMCC for the value of your Millennium Scholarship award.

Does the Millennium Scholarship pay for every course?

No. The Millennium Scholarship will not cover workforce development and continuing education courses or remedial courses (courses numbered below 100). If you have questions regarding a specific course, please contact us.

How can I check the status of my Millennium Scholarship?

All you have to do is go to the scholarship status page on the Millennium Scholarship website and enter your Millennium Scholarship ID number and high school graduation year.

How do I regain my eligibility for the Millennium Scholarship?

In order to regain eligibility you must complete a semester without receiving Millennium Scholarship funding, and still complete the minimum requirements you would have needed to maintain your eligibility. You are not required to do this during the semester directly after you lose eligibility. However, the more quickly you regain eligibility, the more time you will have to use the scholarship before it expires. You must be degree seeking while regaining your eligibility.

How much money do I receive with a Millennium Scholarship?

At TMCC you are eligible for $40.00 per credit up to 12 credits. So, if you attend full time, 12 or more eligible credits, you would receive $480.00 for the semester. Please note, the Millennium Scholarship will not pay for workforce development and continuing education courses or remedial courses (courses numbered below 100).

What are the requirements to maintain my eligibility for the Millennium Scholarship?

At TMCC you need to complete at least 6 credits with the GPA that is required for your high school graduating class. If you graduated high school prior to 2003, you must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA. If you graduated 2003 or later, you must maintain a 2.6 semester GPA until the semester you complete 30 credits, at which time you need to earn a 2.75.

What do I do if I don't want to use my Millennium Scholarship at TMCC?

Before scholarship funds are applied to your student account for the semester, you need to let us know not to give you money.

Just stop by the Financial Aid Office in Red Mountain 315C on the Dandini Campus. We ask that you provide a signed statement for our records saying that you would like us to withhold your funding.

What happens if I take a semester off with regards to the Millennium Scholarship?

Taking a semester off will not negatively impact your Millennium Scholarship, but you do have a limited time to use the scholarship. The expiration date of your scholarship is a fixed date, and you can check it on the scholarship status page of the Millennium Scholarship Web site.

When do I get my Millennium Scholarship money?

TMCC will generally apply Millennium Scholarship funds to your student account in mid July for the fall semester and mid January for the spring semester, provided you are enrolled. If no payment has been made by the fee payment deadline, then it is your responsibility to make a payment to ensure your registration is not canceled for non-payment. If you add or drop classes, adjustments to your Millennium award will be made automatically through the end of the 50% refund period. If you add a late-start class after that date and have not already received the maximum award for the semester, please contact us.