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Academic Progress Appeal


This form is to be used to appeal the suspension of your Financial Aid for not meeting the statutory requirements for maintaining academic progress as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Financial Aid includes all forms of federal, state, and institutional aid that is offered through the TMCC Financial Aid office including grants, loans, work study, and in some cases, scholarships. Appeals must be submitted by the noted semester deadline.

Requirements to Maintain Financial Aid Academic Progress (FAAP)

The U.S. Department of Education has established three requirements that all students must meet in order to maintain eligibility for Financial Aid; completion rate, grade point average, and time to degree/certificate:

  1. Students MUST complete a minimum of 67% of all credits ATTEMPTED throughout their entire academic history. See Course Completion Rate Calculator. Withdrawals, failed classes, repeated classes and unsatisfactory grades count as attempted credits. For example, if you have attempted 10 credits over the past few semesters, but have only successfully completed 6 of those credits with letter grades of A+ through D-, and have either withdrawn or failed the other 4 credits, then you have only completed 60% of your coursework (6 credits divided by 10 credits = 60%). Transfer credits from other institutions also count into this equation.
  2. Students MUST maintain an overall Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.00 for all coursework taken throughout their entire TMCC academic history.
  3. Students MUST complete their degree or certificate program within 150% of the total length of their declared academic program. For instance, if a student is enrolled in a degree program in which they need 60 credits to obtain an Associate's degree, a student is allowed to receive Financial Aid funding up through 90 attempted credits. Similarly, if a student is enrolled in a Certificate program that requires 30 credits for completion, they can be funded up through 45 attempted credits.

Extenuating Circumstances

Only extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control will qualify as a justifiable reason for the Financial Aid Academic Progress Appeals Committee to review your academic standing, and consider approving an appeal on your behalf for you to regain Financial Aid eligibility for the term you are seeking. Extenuating circumstances can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Injury to self that prevented further attendance in classes.
  • Death of an immediate family member or close relative in which an established relationship prevented further attendance in class due to emotional trauma.
  • Loss of job or forced change to work hours resulting in the student being unable to continue classes.
  • Other extenuating circumstances not listed that prevented the student from attending classes. Inability to pass a course IS NOT an extenuating circumstance.
  • Returning to school after having been out of school for a number of semesters, and you have documented changes in circumstances which demonstrate that you should be allowed additional time to meet standards.

Important: Supporting document is required for proof of extenuating circumstances and must be submitted to the Financial Aid office within ten calendar days of submitting appeal. A copy of your "My Planner" (through MyTMCC) must be submitted as part of your supporting documentation. Documentation must be submitted either in person or via regular U.S. Postal Service mail. Documents submitted without a printed confirmation page from the appeals form after you submit it, will be denied. Documents must be submitted within ten (10) calendar days.

To get started, please enter your student ID and your date of birth to verify that you are a TMCC student. If you do not remember what that is, you can find your number by logging into MyTMCC or by reviewing your letter of admission. Because we are required by federal law to protect your privacy, we cannot provide student ID numbers over the phone or via email.

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