Faculty Senate

Library Committee

Meeting Dates

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Duties and Responsibilities

The Library Committee charges are being redeveloped by the Faculty Senate. Please contact the library chair for any necessary information regarding the committee.


Thomas Kearns

Committee Members

Beth Baines, Dianne Cheseldine, Joseph Cheung, Hugh Fraser, John Kemp, Molly Lingenfelter, Sharon Lowe, Mai Anh McMurray, Eric Neuenfeldt, Neil Siegel

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College News

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Math League at TMCC is a popular get-together for students to share calculating tips.

Nevada's Bold Spirit in Art

Fall shows in the galleries of TMCC present energetic works by students and faculty.

Calendar of Events

SGA Finance Committee Meeting

Friday, September 19
RDMT 122, Dandini Campus

Nursing Faculty Meeting

Friday, September 19
RCB 102, High Tech Center at Redfield