Facilities Operations and Capital Planning

Sign Standards and Procedures

Truckee Meadows Community College's Sign and Way-Finding Standards have been developed to create uniformity and to give visitors clear information while on campus. The following are recommended guidelines.

Responsible office: TMCC Facilities Operations and Capital Planning

TMCC Policy: 5005

Revised: June 6, 2012


Requests for new signs shall be made through the Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Department. If need be, requests will be reviewed by the Sign Committee.

Final decisions on design and placement of signs will be based on the Sign Committee's consensus, budgets and existing conditions. All proposed sign content, including digital signage, shall be approved by the Public Information Office.

Content: All content must be pre-approved for posting.

  • Non-TMCC related postings (personal, outside agencies, etc.):
    • Approval may be obtained from the information desk at the Dandini Campus, RDMT 315, the information desk at the High Tech Center at Redfield, or room 200 at the Meadowood Center.
  • TMCC-related postings (TMCC-sponsored events, activities, etc.):
    • Approval obtained at the Public Information Office at the Dandini Campus RDMT 201.

Interior office signs are funded by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning. All other signs require either departmental or capital funding. Purchasing of signs shall be done by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning and Information Technology for digital signs.

Campus Usage:
Departmental digital signs will reserve the ability to display global TMCC-related messages. The limit of the overall percentage of use for global messages will be no more than 15% in a given academic year.


Interior Office signs:
Each room, as determined by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning, shall have a sign with the department name or the occupant's job title, the occupant's name plate, and the room number.

The signs shall be displayed on the latch side of the door, if possible. Standard office signs for all sites are as follows:

  • New Hermes or Row Mark Brand color match
  • "Job Title" sign size: 8"x8" or 10"x10"
  • "Room number" sign size: 4"x4" or 4"x8"
  • "Name plate" size: 2" x 10" aluminum frame slider
  • Font for all New Hermes signs: Arial Bold

Color/specifications for each site is as follows:

  1. The colors for RDMT, Vista Bldg., Child Care Center, MDWS and RPAC are:
    • Sign Background: New Hermes, Taupe #321-802 (for ADA signs you must also use a 3-802 Substrate)
    • Sign Frame: New Hermes Modular, Brown
  2. Sierra Bldg. (Advanced Technology Center):
    • Sign Background: New Hermes, Slate #2P4-224 with white letters
    • Sign Frame: New Hermes Modular, Brown
  3. Library (and East end of Sierra Bldg.)
    • Sign Background: New Hermes, Rust #282-214 with white letters
    • Sign Frame: New Hermes Modular, Brown
  4. IGT Applied Technology Center
    • Sign Background: New Hermes, Blue #321-501 with white letters
    • Sign Frame: New Hermes Modular, Black
    • (For engraved signs, you must use the blue with a white #2-512 substrate for the letters.)
  5. High Tech Center at Redfield
    • Sign Background: New Hermes, Gold #942-711 with Black letters
    • Sign Frame: Black Frame #240, Aluminum Architectural
    • Frame depth is 3/8" and the Aluminum thickness is 1/16"

Interior Way-Finding
Wall hung or ceiling hung interior way finding signs shall be:

  • Vista Wall System, available locally and ordered by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning
  • Brushed aluminum frame, with black end caps and a non glare lens
  • Printing for inserts shall be done by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning
  • Paper shall be: Oce PMPLUS7 matte photo paper, 7 mil
  • Font shall be Arial black, green accents; logos shall be (RGB 60,77,7)

Department Signs: Same as above

Digital Signs: Any proposed digital sign within the same area of an existing digital sign shall match in design as close as possible. The requesting department is responsible for funding the required power, network drop, hardware and software necessary for a complete digital sign installation. The responsible department must maintain and update the content to ensure the information is current and up to date.

All digital signs must conform to the following specs:

  • 32", 42" or 55"
  • 1"-2" black bezel
  • Minimum of (1) VGA input
  • Geffen digital signage controller unit
  • Resolution of 1080i (or 720p)

Event Signage:
Event signs such as banners, posters, etc. shall be hung by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning no more than 3 weeks prior to event and shall be taken down within 2 days after the event.

Cork Boards, Display Boards, Brochure Racks:
Each department shall be allowed to display any combination listed in the public area outside their department or suite. Space allowed shall not exceed 36 square feet.

Public Posting Boards:
Please follow the procedures listed by the Public Information Office.

Exterior Directories:
Currently we have four exterior illuminated directories on the Dandini campus. Any new directories for any campus site should take into account the design and color scheme of the existing signs.

Exterior Building Signs:
All new exterior building signs shall match existing designs unless decided otherwise by the sign committee. Following are the current specifications for the exterior signs for the Dandini Campus. Illuminated signs are encouraged whenever possible.

  • Red Mountain:
    • Halo illuminated reverse pan channel letters
    • Face and returns brushed aluminum/5" depth, height varies (12"-15")
    • Arial Font; letter backs, clear lexan /white LED lighting /pegged out 1-1/2"
  • Vista, Sierra, Child Care:
    • Non-illuminated brushed aluminum /5" depth, 12" height, all caps

Donor/Naming Opportunity Signs:
Signage to be used for a donor naming opportunity requires approval by both the TMCC Foundation Office and Facilities Operations and Capital Planning. Due to the nature of these signs they may deviate from the published standards.

Special Signage:
The College may have special signs that may be used by departments.

  • RDMT Reader Board:
    • Messages on the reader board outside the Red Mountain Building are coordinated through the Public Information Office.
  • Student Center LCDs:
    • The LCD televisions in the Student Center are part of a project through the Graphic Communications program. For information, contact the Public Information Office

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