Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences

The TMCC Associate of Science degree program in Environmental Science is articulated with the Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). This agreement provides for a seamless transfer from TMCC to UNR for students in the program, meaning you can enter UNR as a junior. This upper-division status provides for scholarship options and summer work opportunities in the field of environment research.

Check the College Catalog for current Associate of Science degree requirements.


In addition to general education requirements, you will take a variety of courses, including: Biology, Geology and Environmental Science. These courses will feature guest lecturers from UNR. Further, you may attend seminars in the Environmental Science department at UNR.


Employment Opportunities

With a degree in Environmental Science, you will be able to work in a variety of positions. These positions included private consulting firms, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Further, position variety is nearly unlimited. You may work outside gathering data, conduct research in a lab, or develop policy for governments.

Environmental Science Advisory Board Mission Statement

The TMCC Environmental Science Advisory Board seeks to offer degree programs that will provide a skilled workforce for employment in our community that will bring sound communication skills, writing ability, math background and computer fluency to the agencies, organizations and individuals that work to make the natural environment in Northern Nevada healthy and sustainable.

The Environmental Science program at TMCC was developed in response to the NSHE Board of Regents mandate. The Regents recognition of the need for responsible, well-educated environmental technicians and scientists for the future of Nevada is greatly appreciated.

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Environmental Sciences

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