Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Responder Course (EMS 113B)

Emergency Medical Responder (EMS 113B) is a course for individuals who would like beginning knowledge into the emergency medical field. This course is not a prerequisite for EMT, but is an introduction to assisting other medical professionals in the field.

Course content includes, but is not limited to, introduction into EMS, basic airway management, patient assessments, circulation, basic illnesses and injuries, pediatrics, and basic EMS operations

Students will be able to perform these skills during lab practices which include:

  • Scene size-up
  • Airway management including oxygen administration and use of a bag-valve mask
  • Patient assessments including initial and a focused history for medical and trauma patients
  • Basic recognition and care for medical and trauma emergencies
  • AHA BLS Healthcare Provider CPR
  • Basic ambulance operations

This course offers certification by the State of Nevada Bureau of Licensure and certifications as a Nevada EMS Emergency Medical Responder. We currently do not offer NREMT certification. The first responder certification will allow you to be a volunteer with various fire and rescue agencies.




We have a strict attendance policy in accordance with State of Nevada and DOT standards in which students are not allowed to miss more than six hours of class. Any students missing more than the allotted time will be not allowed to continue on and will be withdrawn from the class.

EMS Grading

B= 91-86%
C= 85-80%
F=73% and below

To be able to take the class final and complete the course, students must have the following cumulative average:

  • 80% for EMS Instructor, EMT, EMT Advanced, EMT Refresher
  • 75% for Emergency Medical Responder