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Weekend CNA Class Offered

New Saturday/Sunday and accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant sections are available.

Stretch Math is Achievable

A math class option that takes out the fear and saves one semester is a cool stretch.

Calendar of Events

Professional Development Days

Thursday, August 21
Various Dandini locations

Part-Time Faculty Orientation

Thursday, August 21
Meadowood Center

Evacuation Assembly Areas

Evacuation Assembly Sign

TMCC Evacuation Assembly Area Signs

New "Evacuation Assembly Area" signs have been posted at all campus locations to include Dandini, Edison, Meadowood and Redfield parking lots. The next time you are in the parking lot of your facility look for the Assembly signs. You will find that they are further away from the buildings in order to remove you from any danger as much as possible. This also allows first responders to access the building in question with the least amount of interference from pedestrians. Additionally please familiarize yourself with the evacuation directions posted in all classrooms and offices.

On the Dandini campus assembly areas are posted in parking lots A, AA, BB, CC, G and H.

At IGT Applied Tech Center the assembly area is in the west end of the parking lot.

At Meadowood the assembly area is in the south parking area close to Neil Road.

At Redfield the sign is posted in the north parking lot.