Disability Resource Center

DRC Requesting Accommodations Policy

During the intake interview, students will be approved for accommodations with the assistance of the DRC adviser . Subsequent requests for additional services must be made in writing. The adviser will approve additional accommodations after a review of the appropriate documentation. It is the student's responsibility to provide additional documentation if needed to assess additional accommodations.

The DRC needs six to eight weeks advance notice to process textbooks in an alternate format.

In order to provide the best accommodations, DRC students must request all accommodations in writing each semester at least one week in advance.

For specialized services, such as interpreting/captioning, the request must be made in writing on the service agreement for interpreters/captioning form at least 30 days in advance.

The student will notify the DRC at least 24 hours in advance if the student is unable to keep an appointment with a service provider, such as captioning, interpreting, reading, test proctoring, scribing or other services. If a student fails to notify the DRC of such cancellations, the service will be suspended until reinstated by the DRC adviser .

If a DRC student encounters problems with a service provider, the student must notify the DRC in writing so that the issue can be resolved.