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Dental Hygiene Program Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Dental Hygiene program's most commonly asked questions.

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Does the Dental Hygiene program offer financial aid or scholarships?

Accepted students can apply for financial aid and scholarships in the TMCC Financial Aid Office. Additionally, there is information on many other scholarship opportunities that the program faculty distributes each year.

How do I apply for the Dental Hygiene program?

Applications are released mid-January each year. You can attend "Applicants night" or call and request an application be mailed to you. Applications are due in 4 weeks of the release date. Learn more about the admission process.

How many admissions points does it take to get accepted into the Dental Hygiene program?

Depending on GPA, and other criteria for admissions listed in the Admission Procedures, admissions points will vary each year for the pool of applicants. Admission points may have a range of 20-30 points between the highest and lowest accepted applicant.

How many applications do you get each year for the dental hygiene program?

Each year will vary in the number of applications received. It generally ranges between 50 and 70. Upon review of applicants for eligibility, approximately 50% will be eligible to advance to the selection committee.

How many dental hygiene students do you take each year?

The program has limited clinic space; therefore class size will range between 12 to 14 students per year.

How much does the Dental Hygiene program cost?

Programs costs are subject to change, annually. The two-year cost to the student is currently approximately $13-15,000. This includes most fees, textbooks, uniforms, and instruments. Miscellaneous costs cannot be estimated.

How will I know if I am accepted into the Dental Hygiene program?

The selection committee completes their review of eligible applicants, and selects the incoming class in April. The accepted student is notified via registered letter in late April to early May.

I am interested in the Dental Hygiene program. How can I get more information?

Most questions for interested persons can be answered by visiting the information throughout this website and/or meeting with an academic advisor on the Dandini Campus. The program director also holds information sessions each semester.

I am taking courses at another college/university. How can I find out if they will transfer and be accepted for the Dental Hygiene program?

All course evaluation can be done through Admissions and Records, and/or by meeting with an academic advisor. Please contact these departments for further assistance.

Is it okay to apply for the Dental Hygiene program if I am still taking a prerequisite science course, or do I have to wait?

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to applying to the program. Prerequisites that are still in progress are not acceptable and render the application ineligible.

Is it okay to finish my general ed courses while in the Dental Hygiene program?

Dental hygiene students take 15-17 units per semester in the first year of the program. It is highly recommended that all general ed coursework be completed prior to application. The second year of the program includes 11-14 units per semester, so a student could take one or two general ed classes if not complete prior to entering dental hygiene. In order to graduate all general ed courses must be completed. However, completed GE courses increase admission points.

What are "Admissions Points" for the Dental Hygiene program?

"Admission Points" are applied to specific categories for prospective Dental Hygiene Program candidates. The points are used to rank eligible applications for admittance. Admission points and procedures are reviewed annually, and subject to change; prospective applicants are responsible for obtaining the most current information.

More information can be found on the Dental Hygiene Admission Procedures page.

What are the prerequisites to the Dental Hygiene Program?

  • Biology 223: Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 credits)
  • Biology 224: Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4 credits)
  • Biology 251: General Microbiology (4 credits)
  • Chemistry 220: Introductory Organic Chemistry (4 credits)
  • COM 113: Fundamentals of Speech (3 credits)

Note: BIO 223, BIO 224, BIO 251, and CHEM 220 must be completed prior to applying and current within the last five years.

As of Fall 2012, Dental Hygiene applicants are limited to repeating program prerequisite courses (sciences) one time only. This means students will take the course for the first time, and may repeat the same course once. Proof will be required with the Dental Hygiene Program application in the form of transcripts or DARS.

What are the requirements for being accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program?

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in both science and General Education courses that are applicable to the Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.

All prerequisite courses must be completed, the Dental Hygiene Accuplacer test must be valid within two years, and the Dental Office Observation form must be current within one year of application.

What classes do I need to be accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program?

You will need to take General Education courses applicable to the Associate of Science (AS) degree. Courses required and/or recommended by the program are listed in the TMCC College Catalog and on the Dental Hygiene Admission Procedures page.

What is the Dental Hygiene ACCUPLACER test?

The DH ACCUPLACER test is a reading and writing comprehension assessment of current skills. The test is taken in the TMCC testing center. The fee is $20. Students can take the test more than once if the scores need improvement. ACCUPLACER scores add to the admission points. Scores are valid for two years.