Computer Technologies

CT Internship Program: Student Information


The TMCC Computer Technologies (CT) department strives to connect students with the local IT industry by working to place interns in local CT positions, and by notifying students of employment opportunities in the area.

Student Qualifications And Requirements

  • Full- and part-time students who are available to work a minimum of 75 hours per credit hour of enrollment are eligible.
  • Participation is limited to students who have finished most of the course work in their major area of study and who are nearing the completion of their degree or certificate program.
  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher to qualify for the internship program.
  • The TMCC Computer Technologies department chair/faculty adviser will assist you in evaluating if you are eligible for internship placement.
  • Credit is awarded for the successful accomplishment of specific, individualized occupational learning objectives, work-time requirement and an employer evaluation.

Internship Process for Students Back to Top

  1. Students interested in applying for a specific internship, must contact a CT faculty member to act as an internship adviser . This faculty member will help the student document the learning experiences needed to earn credit for the internship. Students should start by contacting a full-time faculty member in their emphasis area. If that faculty member is not available, contact the department chair.
  2. Qualified students will sign up to be notified of internship opportunities at the Nevada Information Technology Education Project (NVITE). You will be notified by email of any internship opportunities in your area of interest. The notification will include information on how to apply for the internship.
  3. In most cases the internships will involve a competitive application process and applicants will be required to submit a professional resume. Information on creating a resume and sample resumes are available online. Students should work on their resume prior to meeting with an employer.

    Note: Finalists will be required to interview with the prospective supervisor. Information on preparing for job interviews is available online.
  4. If you are selected for a paid internship, please meet with your faculty advisor to review and complete the following TMCC forms:
    Note: If you do not have a paid internship, there is no need to fill out the TMCC forms above. However, your employer may have additional forms for you to sign.
  5. Successful intern candidates will be working as employees of TMCC, and will also need to review appropriate TMCC employment documentation:

Learning Objectives Back to Top

Learning objectives are intended to assist the student in establishing a plan for learning from the internship work experience and should answer the following questions.

  • What will be accomplished?
  • When will it be accomplished?
  • How will it be accomplished?
  • How will achievement of the objectives be measured?

The information below will assist in developing objectives. Please draft the objectives on the Intern Worksheet before entering them on the Learning Objectives form.


Learning objectives are developed by the supervisor and the faculty advisor.

The Learning Objectives form is to be completed and distributed to the student, supervisor and instructor within two weeks after placement and registration are completed.

Use action words

  • To write
  • To assemble
  • To investigate
  • To recite
  • To learn
  • To report
  • To comply
  • To select
  • To increase
  • To apply
  • To develop
  • To reduce

List of Action Words for Learning Objectives

  • ANALYZE quantitative data, statistical data or human social situations
  • APPRAISE or evaluate programs, services or performance of individuals
  • ARRANGE social functions, events or meetings between people
  • ASSUME responsibility for varied duties and job function
  • CLASSIFY and sort information into categories
  • COMPILE statistical data, facts or information
  • COMPLETE in-house training course, correspondence studies, etc assigned by supervisor
  • COORDINATE events involving groups of people
  • CONDUCT special meetings and/or training sessions, etc
  • CREATE new systems or processes
  • CROSS-TRAIN with different coworkers or supervisors
  • MAKE DECISIONS or alternatives within a certain situation
  • DEMONSTRATE the ability to perform certain job functions previously unknown
  • DELEGATE tasks to others or give responsibility to others on a work team
  • DESIGN new systems, forms, plans, processes and/or duties and responsibilities
  • DEVELOP a working knowledge of various job processes and/or duties
  • EVALUATE a program or judge the performance of a process or individual
  • EXAMINE by administering written tests
  • EXPLAIN by justifying one's action or making obscure ideas clear to others
  • EXPRESS feelings to individuals or to groups
  • FIND and research information from various sources or people that can be helpful
  • IMPLEMENT new plans, procedures or ideas within the business organization
  • IMPROVE skills in shorthand, typing, office machines, etc
  • INCREASE level of output, number of contacts, amount of sales
  • INITIATE personal contacts or new ideas and ways of doing things
  • INTERPRET other languages or meaning of statistical data
  • INVESTIGATE by seeking the underlying causes of a problem
  • LEARN the techniques of operating new equipment, new procedures at the job site
  • MANAGE the work of others or the processing of information
  • MEMORIZE data, lists, etc, that may be necessary on the job
  • ORGANIZE certain tasks or information and arrange it in an interpretable form
  • PERSUADE by influencing others to see your point of view
  • PLAN and organize a project
  • QUESTION to obtain information or clarification
  • READ and/or review company or product information
  • RESEARCH by extracting information form libraries, archives, etc
  • REVIEW by reassessing the effects of a program or performance of an individual
  • REVISE present policies, procedures or method of operation
  • SCHEDULE meetings, conferences, etc
  • TRAIN to perform in newly assigned job responsibilities
  • WRITE correspondence, reports, memos, programs, sales presentations, promotional brochures or sales manuals

Examples of Learning Objectives

A quality learning objective, written in behavioral terms should address WHEN the objective should be met, WHAT should be done, HOW the objective is to be accomplished and SHOW HOW the successfully completed objective is to be measured (EVALUATION).

By December 3 (when) I will have written complete job descriptions (what) for my two immediate supervisors, using existing records and personal interviews (how) and will type the results in a report form (evaluation).

By March 5 (when) I will have learned the WordPerfect 5.1 program for IBM-compatible PCs (what) by attending two training classes (how) and receiving a certificate of successful completion (evaluation).

By August 3 (when) I will be able to identify, remove and replace damaged components in 10 different pieces of selected equipment, without error (what), by reading the appropriate repair and maintenance manuals (how) as verified by my job supervisor (evaluation).

By October 15 (when) I will have written a D.P. program (what) using the "ID" CAM VSAM Access method (how) and will run this program upon request (evaluation).

By December 9 (when) I will have prepared a company vacation policy manual (what) from information gained from interviews and meetings with my supervisor (how) and will prepare this information in a handout to be given to each employee (evaluation).

By September 5 (when) I will increase by typing speed by 15 wpm (what) by taking five timed typing tests every day (how) as measured by keeping a record of all my tests during the semester (evaluation).

By August 3 (when) I will have increased my accounts by five clients (what) by increasing my sales calls (how). Each new client will have submitted at least one order (evaluation).

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