Computer Technologies

CT Internship Program: Employer Information

The TMCC Computer Technologies (CT) department strives to connect students with the local IT industry by working to place interns in local CT positions and by notifying students of employment opportunities in the area.

Internship Process for Employers

  1. Employers interested in offering computer related internships or advertising computer related jobs should contact us to discuss the details.
  2. TMCC will notify students who have applied for internships and refer them directly to you for screening, interview and selection.
  3. Once you have selected an intern, you will meet briefly with a computer technologies faculty member or department chair to go over internship requirements and objectives.

    Important: Student must be registered for the CIT internship course. In addition, all required documents must be completed before starting the internship program.
  4. Review the Employer /Supervisor Responsibilities.
  5. Complete, sign and submit all required internship documents for your student intern:
  6. Thanks for being a mentor and giving our computer students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in the real world.

Employer/Supervisor Responsibilities

Internships are only as effective as the people working with the student to provide opportunities to gain valuable job experience while being closely supervised, encouraged and carefully directed toward a satisfying learning experience. The internship supervisor plays a crucial role in the success of a student's learning experience.

The internship supervisor's (employer) responsibilities are:

  • Agree to supervise a student(s) in a Computer Technologies related internship.
  • Develop student learning objectives with the assistance of the CT faculty advisor. One (1) learning objective per academic credit. Complete and sign the Internship Learning Objectives form.
  • Work with student(s) in scheduling working (internship) hours.
  • Mentor student(s) in successfully completing the learning objectives developed.
  • Monitor and maintain attendance record and sign student's timesheet for submission to TMCC Computer Technologies department. Timesheets can be faxed to 775-673-7242.
  • At the end of each month of the internship, verbally review with the student his/her progress toward successfully completing the learning objectives.
  • At the completion of the internship, complete the Internship Student Performance Appraisal form and review with student.
  • Notify the faculty advisor immediately of any concerns, problems, etc. with student if any occur.

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