Computer Technologies

A+ Certification Program Preparation

Prepare to become an A+ Certified Technician

Students can learn the skills required for an A+ certification at TMCC. An association of over 200 computer manufacturers sets the A+ Certification program standards. You must pass two exams to earn this certification: IT Essentials exam, plus one of these elective exams: IT Technician, Remote Technician or Depot Technician.

What will be covered in the A+ program?

Student will be able to:

  • Identify Personal Computers and their components.
  • Learn how to configure and use laptops and portable devices.
  • Understand how to install and upgrade operating systems using primarily Windows 2000, XP Professional, XP Home and XP Media Center operating systems.
  • Identify fundamental principles of printers and scanners to include troubleshooting and configuration.
  • Identify the use of Networks and networking for PC's and laptops.
  • Understand the fundamentals of security in today's computer world.
  • Know the proper procedures of disposing of potentially hazardous computer components and environmental issues along with safe practices.
  • Understand the principles of professionalism and communications with users.

The following course will help prepare you for the A+ Certification exams: CIT 114R -  IT Essentials. Check the current Class Schedule for dates/times when this course is offered.

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Career Options

As a Certified PC Technician, you can work independently or in teams with other computer technical support staff. Job opportunities exist in many businesses or organizations that have PC Technicians as part of their computer technical support staff and in companies that build, sell or support computers and peripherals.

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