Counseling and Career Services

Career Services

Three Desks

Career counseling enables students to understand their values, interests, personality and skills using a variety of assessments. Counselors guide students to be self-directed in their research of career options and help determine the best educational program for a chosen career. Counselors offer individual or small group mini-workshop sessions.

Career Cycle

The approach to careers is often more cyclical than linear since individuals can be at different places in the cycle at various times in their lives.

For enrolled students, returning students or community members seeking guidance in career exploration and choosing a degree, emphasis, or certificate, Counseling and Career Services provides a comprehensive exploration process through the use of the six components in the Career Cycle: discovering, researching, networking, deciding, planning and acting, and transitioning.

Career Cycle Components

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Career Cycle Image Map Research Network Decide Plan and Act Transition Discover