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Early Alert/Progress Report Program

Information for Students

What is the Early Alert/Progress Report System?

Early Alert/ Progress Reports are notices your instructor submits when there is a concern about your performance in class. Early Alert/ Progress Reports may identify frequent absences, missed assignments or exams, or failure in a class. Students who receive Early Alerts/Progress reports will receive a letter in their communications center found in their MyTMCC student center.

Early Alerts/Progress Reports are not grades. They are another way for faculty to communicate to students that a change is necessary for academic success as well as identify outreach of additional resources that can support students learning. There are no permanent records of these alerts and students do not directly receive this information.

If you receive an Early Alert/Progress report communication a designated staff member will contact you and you may be required to attend a workshop that will help you get back on track. This information will provide you insight so you can take the steps necessary to be successful in your course(s). If you are contacted about an Early Alert/ Progress Report, talk to your instructor right away to help you get back on track.

Be aware that withdrawing from a class could affect your financial aid status. All students receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid office before withdrawing from any class.

Getting Help

What steps should I take if I'm struggling in a course and need help to be successful?

  1. Talk to your instructor about the problem as soon as possible to get recommendations for how to improve in the course.
  2. Seek help through the many academic support services available to all students. TMCC provides a number of college services and resources FREE of charge to students. Services TMCC students may use include the Tutoring and Learning Center, Writing Center, and the Disability Resource Center.
  3. Meet with a counselor to help you identify possible options, including:
    • Career options and career exploration
    • Personal counseling
    • Withdraw from the course in order to salvage your grade point average and free your time so you can do better in your remaining classes.

See Also: Early Alert Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information for TMCC Faculty


Truckee Meadows Community College is committed to the success of its students by providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning. To ensure that every student takes full advantage of the educational opportunities, the college has implemented the Early Alert/Progress Report program: a college-wide effort designed to support student learning by identifying and warning students who may be in danger of failing one or more courses.

Faculty may begin submitting Early Alerts the first week of the term. Faculty are asked to identify students in their classes who may be in danger of failing as well as the reason for their concerns. Alerts may be issued for excessive absences, trouble with subject matter, not completing assignments, and writing deficiencies.

Program Description

The Early Alert/Progress Report program is designed to identify students who may be at risk of academic difficulty or failure as early as possible. A basic assumption of the Early Alert/Progress Report program is that instructors will have attempted to help all students prior to making a referral. These attempts include:

  1. Meeting before or after class to ascertain what is blocking the student's progress.
  2. Email or phone communications to reach the student who is not attending class.
  3. Messages on quizzes, tests or assignment, etc inviting the student in for consultation.

Once referred to the Early Alert/Progress Report program, the appropriate academic support personnel will attempt to contact and work with the student in an effort to improve the student's academic performance and opportunity for success at TMCC.

Academic excellence and providing the tools for lifelong learning are central to the mission of TMCC. Research shows that early intervention with students at-risk for academic difficulties or failure is vital in improving overall academic success. Their academic success through interventions such as Early Alert Progress Reports may ensure their retention and persistence to graduation.

Important Early Alert Dates

Early Alerts may be submitted the first week of the term.

Additional information for Faculty

The Early Alert/Progress Report program is designed to identify students who may be at risk of academic difficulty or failure. This venue allows faculty/staff to identify the students who are not making satisfactory progress and/or is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty (i.e. non-attendance) and who may benefit from additional academic support.

With this information, we can contact the student and encourage participation in student programs, tutorials, counseling, and/or workshops that may help the student academically or personally. Information you provide may be shared with the student, who has legal access to this information. Observations should be objectively stated.

Special Programs

Some student retention programs at TMCC are mandated by their grants to maintain Early Alert/Progress Reports for all of their students, regardless of academic progress. Students from these programs (Re-Entry, Success First, TMCC High School, and International students) will present you with paper progress reports. Please complete all progress reports for these students as soon as possible.

Suggestions for Administering Early Alert

  1. Include in your syllabus a statement about Early Alert/ Progress Report program. Here is a sample statement that you can insert in your syllabus or place on ANGEL: This class uses the Early Alert/Progress Report service. By week six of the semester, I will notify the appropriate support staff if you have struggled with writing and language skills, excessive absences, incomplete work, or difficulty with the course content. This warning is not an official grade, yet it indicates concerns about your progress that need to be addressed immediately. If you are contacted about an Early Alert/Progress Report, please respond to those individuals and also visit me during my office hours so we may talk about strategies for how you can be successful in this class.
  2. Before submitting Early Alert/Progress Reports communicate to your class why you are submitting them and your expectations for students who receive them.
  3. Students who are issued an alert will receive an email message that encourages them to speak with their professor and seek out resources.


This short tutorial will explain Early Alerts and Administrative Withdrawals.