Program Unit Review Committee


The Program/Unit Review (PUR) is a central component of the integrated assessment/planning process at TMCC. Every instructional program/unit in the college completes a comprehensive self-study on a five-year cycle. The self-study combines reflective self-examination and the use of data to produce an integrated, strategic approach to ongoing instructional development and improvement in order to provide accountability, quality, planning, and information for budgeting, refocusing and accreditation.

Meeting Minutes

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Title 4, Chapter 14, Section 4.1 of the Board of Regents' Handbook states that "a review of existing academic programs shall be conducted by the universities, state college, and community colleges on at least a ten-year cycle to assure academic quality and to determine if need, student demand, and available resources support their continuation."

Truckee Meadows Community College established the Program/Unit Review process in compliance with these policies. The self-study also consolidates three individual processes—student learning outcomes and assessment, program review, and the educational master plan—into a single document. It provides an integrated, strategic approach to on-going instructional development and improvement.

About the Committee


  • One representative appointed by Faculty Senate (co-chair).
  • One representative appointed by Vice President of Academic Affairs (co-chair).
  • One representative from Institutional Research.
  • Chairperson of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee.
  • One department chair selected by academic deans (not under review).
  • One academic dean elected by Deans and Directors Council (preferably from a different unit than department chair representative).
  • One representative from Finance Administration who also is a member of the Planning and Resource Allocation Council.
  • Five (5) faculty representatives, one selected from each division, and one (1) from student services.
  • Current, past and/or future self-study chairs.

Primary Objectives

  • Complete the academic review guidelines in the PUR Handbook, Appendix A (link).
  • Active involvement of all members in researching findings and developing strategies.
  • Incorporate results of student learning outcomes into the analysis of program/unit's effectiveness.
  • Validate findings for accuracy and relevance.
  • Provide citations for all external data presented in self-study.
  • Sign preliminary report for submission to appropriate academic dean's office on or before self-study deadline.
  • Revise self-study upon discussion and recommendation from the academic dean.
  • Submits signed and electronic copies of final self-study to dean for subsequent submission to PURC.
  • Present findings to appropriate stakeholders (advisory committees, accreditation agencies, etc.).

Current Committee Members

  • Lance Bowen – Associate Dean, Assessment and Planning and Chair of the Program/Unit Review Committee
  • Judith Fredrickson – Professor, Computer Technologies and co-chair of the Program/Unit Review Committee
  • Maria Arrigotti – Professor, Math
  • Erika Bein – Professor, English and past self-study chair
  • Bridgett Blaque – Professor, English and Chair of the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (SLOA)
  • Dan Bouweraerts – Professor, Graphic Communications and current self-study chair
  • Elena Bubnova – Director, Institutional Research
  • Tara Connolly – Academic Advisor, Academic Advisement and Career Services
  • Jody Covert – Acting Director, Nursing
  • Fini Dobyns – Academic Affairs Support Coordinator
  • Armida Fruzzetti – Dean, Division of Liberal Arts
  • Pam Hawkins – Program Officer I, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Julie Muhle – Professor, Dental Assisting and past self-study chair
  • Jim New – Dean, Division of Technical Sciences
  • Ted Plaggemeyer – Dean, Division of Sciences
  • Cheryl Scott – Assistant Director, Institutional Research
  • Henry Sotelo – Instructor, Paralegal / Law and current self-study chair
  • Anne Tiscareno – Executive Assistant, Assessment and Planning
  • Richard Williams – Program Director, Accounting Services

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