Non-Traditional No More (NTNM) Committee


  • Contact students who have successfully completed the requirements for a degree or certificate;
  • Encourage students to return to college to complete their degree or certificate program;
  • Assist students with the removal of barriers preventing completion of the student's degree or certificate.

About the Committee


Non-Traditional No More (NTNM) is a grant project undertaken by all institutions within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) in partnership with the Western Interstate Cooperative for Higher Education (WICHE) and the Lumina Foundation.

The project focuses on non-traditional students (ages 25-62) who have completed a substantial number of credits (at least 30), have a declared major, are in good standing and began their studies within the last five years, but have not been enrolled for at least the past year.


The NTNM committee has identified cohorts comprised of students in varying stages of degree or certificate completion. Efforts are underway to contact those students to determine what barriers are preventing them from completing their degree or certificate.

Primary Objectives

  • Confer degrees to those students who have successfully completed the requirements of a degree or certificate;
  • Identify and contact cohort of students within three credits or less of obtaining a degree or certificate;
  • Identify and contact cohorts of students within four to 15 credits of obtaining a degree or certificate;
  • Provide assistance with barriers preventing student's persistence;
  • Report efforts and progress to system administration office.

Reporting Structure

Vice President of Academic Affairs


Associate Dean of the WebCollege
Fred Lokken



Active committee participation is important to ensure continuity and inclusion.

When Members Are Selected

As needed

Length of Membership



Elena Bubnova, Susan Burns, Mona Concha-Buckheart, Kyle Dalpe, Fini Dobyns, Erin Frock, Fred Lokken, Hallie Madole, Jeffrey Metcalf, Ty Moore, Pat Slavin, Sidney Sullivan

Meeting Times/Length of Meetings

The committee meets weekly on Tuesdays from 9-10 a.m., usually in the Library Conference Room.

Process for Submitting Recommendations

Submit all requests in writing to Fred Lokken.

College News

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Calendar of Events

TMCC Fall 2014 Job Fair

Wednesday, October 1
RDMT 111, Dandini Campus

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Wednesday, October 1
Library and 1st Floor Vending Machine area