Budget Reduction Committee

Committee Charge

Recommend expenditure reductions for the second year of the 2013-15 Biennium and in future years to meet the budget reductions required by 2013 legislative action and the new formula. This Committee will review the Resource Allocation Plan Guiding Principles and Priority Criteria, solicit suggestions for both cuts and revenue enhancements, and identify specific strategies and areas of cuts. Within the context of already approved budget reductions in the past five years, the Committee is charged with examining all academic programs and academic support services, as well as other areas deemed appropriate.

Meeting Minutes

View archived minutes from past committee meetings.

Committee Chair

Dr. Jane A. Nichols, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs (non-voting except in case of a tie)

Current Membership

Voting Members

  • Erika Bein (English)
  • Laura Briggs (Biology)
  • Julie Muhle (Dental)
  • Julia Hammett (Anthropology)
  • Mike Holmes (AIT)
  • Paul Aberasturi (Performing Arts)
  • Henry Sotelo (Paralegal)

Faculty and/or Administrators as Appointed by President

  • Sharon Wurm (Financial Aid)
  • Joan Steinman (Disability Resources)
  • Thomas Dobbert (Information Technology)
  • Barbara Sanders (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  • Armida Fruzzetti (Liberal Arts)
  • Ted Plaggemeyer (Sciences)
  • Rocio Chavez (Social Sciences)

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