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Legacy Event Honors Students and Donors

TMCC Foundation hosts a festive dinner, creating connections for scholars and their benefactors.

TMCC Fitness Center Celebrates Ten Years, 2004-2014

Students pay only $50/semester for access to the on-campus facility.

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SGA Activities Committee Meeting

Monday, October 20
RDMT 122, Dandini Campus

* Canceled * E-club Meeting

Monday, October 20
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Bookstore Committee Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Webcollege's most commonly asked questions.

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Does the TMCC bookstore have a website?

Yes! You may purchase textbooks, get information on rentals, and get links to educational priced software. Find more info about the bookstore online.

How do I sell back my books?

The TMCC Bookstore always buys back textbooks, but the value can change. If the book is being used at TMCC for the next term, we don't have too many, and it is in good condition, you may get up to half of what you paid. But we can only buy back so many books, so as soon as you are through with a title, bring it in.

If you missed selling it back at the end of the term, try any time, but be aware that you may not get as much as you would have. Acting in a timely manner is to your advantage. For buyback, it does not matter where you bought the book, but we will need a picture ID. The condition of the book does matter; therefore, too much highlighting, writing in the book or water damage may restrict the transaction.

I found out I have the wrong textbook. What can I do now?

Returns are allowed during the first week of class only, and only with receipt.

Different sections of the same class may use different texts, so even if you thought you had the right item, you might be mistaken. Be sure to bring in your class printout when you come in to get your books, so we can help you make sure that you get the right textbooks the first time.

What are the hours for the TMCC bookstore?

Check the TMCC bookstore website for current hours. Note that the bookstore is closed any time the school closes; for instance, holidays and weather-related closures.

What do I need to do if I have a scholarship that includes books?

The only scholarship maintained at the bookstore is the Follett Textbook Scholarship from the TMCC Foundation. The financial aid department awards this scholarship. Check with financial aid to find out how your scholarship works, when you will receive distribution of funds, and how much you have to use for textbooks and other items.

What if I buy textbooks from a source other than the TMCC Bookstore, and then the instructor changes the book? Will the TMCC Bookstore take back the books?

The TMCC Bookstore will not take back books purchased elsewhere, even if you bought them based on information from TMCC's website.

If instructors are changed, or specific instructors decide to change a textbook, we will take back the book if you bought it from the TMCC Bookstore.

It must be in original condition, and you will need the receipt. Remember that returns for full value are not the same as buyback. See the buyback question for buyback rules.

What if I get my books paid for by a third party agency (e.g., chapter 321-VA, Voc Rehab, Re-entry, etc.)?

Make sure you work with them to understand their rules. They will send us, or fax us, an authorization, or you can bring it in. You are still responsible for getting your books off the shelf, only getting items that are allowed per their program, and showing a picture ID to get your books. No one else can pick up your textbooks for you (i.e., parent, spouse or counselor) unless we are notified that is approved by the agency.

What is the refund policy of the bookstore?

For textbooks, a full refund will be given during the first week of school, with a receipt.

A full refund will be given during the college refund period with a receipt and a drop slip.

After that, the refund policy is within two (2) days of purchase with a receipt and a drop slip.

Textbooks must be in the original condition. Shrink-wrapped packages with CDs or access codes cannot be returned if opened. Contact the TMCC Bookstore for further information or questions.

Where is the bookstore located?

The bookstore is at the Dandini Campus, Red Mountain Building, room 103 in the student center.

Why should I purchase my textbooks at the TMC Bookstore?

Instructors and departments specify the books they want purchased by students. What appears to be a book may actually be a package with supplemental information. The book may also be a custom edition for TMCC. While searching for these books, you may think you are getting the same thing at a cheaper price. However, you may get something totally different. Many of the books used at TMCC are custom editions and, therefore, have no edition. Supplemental components may not be included that may be required to take the class. Once purchased from outside sources, these items may not be returnable to those sources.