Academic Technology Committee


Fred Lokken


The Academic Technology Committee promotes increased awareness and utilization of various academic technologies to support instruction, enhanced student learning, and relevancy for our students, faculty and staff.

Meeting Minutes

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About the Committee

Technology fee recommendations, annual review and update to academic technology plan and academic master plan, participation in updating relevant elements of the campus strategic plan and assistance with the implementation of stated goals and objectives where needed.

The committee provides input to and advice for: the TMCC WebCollege, library technologies, smart classrooms, academic computer labs, academic technology support and professional development/training and student access to related technologies. The committee shall accomplish these tasks in cooperation with other relevant committees and organizations. Two standing committees are:

  • Smart Classroom Committee
  • WebCollege Faculty Advisory Committee

Primary objectives

The academic technologies committee is charged with oversight of instructional technologies and their use at TMCC. The committee can discuss, explore, review and make recommendations. Any recommendation requiring cabinet review/action will first be forwarded to the Technology Committee.

Reporting Structure

The VPAA will determine the chair of the committee; the chair therefore serves at the discretion of the VPAA. The chair will be responsible for scheduling, conducting and keeping notes for meetings. The chair will also be responsible for maintaining archival committee materials and maintaining effective communication with the membership as well as with other technology committees and college leadership.


The intent of committee membership is to ensure strong representation of administrators and faculty from the academic divisions. In addition, the committee encourages membership from a cross-section of the campus including student services, classified staff, students and Information Technology. This balanced membership will promote an open dialog and spirit of working together to confront challenges and advance the use and relevance of technologies in instruction.

Committee membership will include, at a minimum:

  • Administrator for TMCC WebCollege
  • Academic deans from all schools
  • Representative of chairs
  • Library representation
  • Faculty representation from all academic divisions
  • Administrator for IT
  • Representative of classified staff
  • Student representative(s)
  • Representative of student services
  • Media Services staff representative
  • WebCollege staff representative
  • Academic labs staff representative
  • Disability Resource Center

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