Accessible Electronic Information Committee


Promote and provide policies, training and practices at Truckee Meadows Community to make all information technologies and services accessible.

Meeting Minutes

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About the Committee

The committee is comprised of a cross section of TMCC faculty and staff who are responsible or are interested in assuring the accessibility of all information technologies and services.

The purpose of this committee is to serve as a vehicle to develop a comprehensive, long range plan to address the delivery of accessible electronic information which will assist TMCC campus participants to receive mandated equal program access. The committee's efforts will ensure that the college's mission and goals are served in accordance with Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II, Title III and Title IV.

Primary objectives

  • Develop a college-wide accessible technology plan.
  • Formulate a timeline including short, mid, and long-range goals.
  • Outline barriers to present to college administration regarding personnel, costs and space constraints in order to implement a plan.
  • Delineate recommendations regarding specific topics.
  • Construct a website on accessible technology that is easy to change and update regularly
  • Create/review/recommend policy areas related to information technology and ADA 504 and 508.
  • Act as an authoritative body for information technology policy compliance.
  • Promote the idea of universal design when purchasing, using, teaching, or delivering materials (written or otherwise), computer hardware, software, websites, podcasts, distance education, multimedia products, televisions, video projectors, telephony, wheelchairs, TTY's, information kiosks and publications.

Electronic Information Definition

The following is the definition for "electronic information" as the accessible electronic information (AEI) committee has thus far drafted it in accordance to the committee's scope and, so it's in-line with the term "accessibility":

Electronic information is any information delivered in a format which requires the use of an electronic device in order to deliver that content.

current AEI committee definition of "electronic information".

Please note: definition subject to modification where called for during further AEI meeting discussions or input by the college community.

Reporting Structure

A subcommittee that reports through the Web Advisory Committee.


Bill Newhall

Cross-Representation from the College

  • Academic Affairs/Instruction (3)
  • Public Information Office (1)
  • Disability Resource Center (3)
  • Application and Web Services (1)
  • Media Services (1)
  • Library (1)
  • Information Technology (1)
  • Tutoring and Learning Center (1)
  • Human Resources (1)


Thomas Kearns, Bill Marble, T.W. Landis, Bill Newhall, Dr. Kathleen Kolbet, Anne Flesher, Fred Lokken, Michelle Noel, Michele Meador, Donna Maxfield

Note: Faculty and staff contact information available at


The committee is divided into teams so a person can miss a meeting if their teammate can attend. Active committee participation is important to ensure continuity and inclusion however, individual teams meet between committee meetings.

Active committee participation is important to ensure continuity and inclusion. Members should plan to attend at least 75% of the annual meetings (9 out of 12) to maintain voting privileges. If you are unable to attend, please plan to send a colleague to the meeting in your place.

When Members are Selected

As needed.

Length of Membership

Ongoing until a final plan is completed.

Meeting Times/Length of Meetings

The main committee currently meets once a month with subcommittees working throughout the month.

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