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Classified Council Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the Classified Council's most commonly asked questions.

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Do I have to be elected to office to attend the Classified Council meetings?

No. We welcome your input and attendance at all Classified Council meetings.

How can I run for a Classified Council board position?

Officers will be elected by state classified employees and installed prior to the July meeting. Employees who are nominated to run for office will have their names submitted to the nominating committee. The elections will proceed from there.

How do I get an item on the Classified Council agenda?

Simply fill out the form on the Your Voice page, mark agenda item and click submit.

How do I get involved in Classified Council?

Please feel free to contact any member of Classified Council or attend the next meeting.

What are the duties of the Classified Council hospitality officer?

The hospitality officer shall send flowers, plants or cards to the TMCC staff and faculty as per the guidelines of the hospitality office, keep a record of activities for reporting procedures and order employee recognition plaques and trophies.

What are the duties of the Classified Council president?

The president will preside at all Classified Council meetings, call special meetings as he/she sees necessary, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, undertake all duties specifically or implied that are required of the office and represent Classified Council at all college functions or send a representative as necessary.

What are the duties of the Classified Council secretary?

The secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all regular and special classified council meetings, keep a copy of all formal reports of the Classified Council officers and committees, maintain the official file of the Classified Council and post minutes, agenda and notifications of meetings through email prior to the next meeting date.

What are the duties of the Classified Council treasurer?

The treasurer is responsible for all funds as per guidelines of the treasurer, maintaining an acceptable set of records showing all transactions and render a current financial statement of the Classified Council at each business meeting and at such other times as the president may direct.

What are the duties of the Classified Council vice-president?

The vice-president will serve one year and automatically assume the position of the president in the second year, assist the president in the performance of her/his duties, act in place of the president is their absence, update area representation list and monitor attendance at classified meetings and be responsible for administering the Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year programs.

What is a quorum for a Classified Council meeting?

A quorum shall consist of five (5) of the classified employees and five (5) members of the classified board.

What is Classified Council?

Classified Council is an autonomous organization of persons who are State of Nevada classified employees at Truckee Meadows Community College.

When does Classified Council meet?

Please see our meetings page for current schedule.

Where is Classified Council located?

Classified Council does not have an office location. However, you can click the members page to get current information on how to contact an executive board member.

Who can get involved in Classified Council?

Anyone who wants to make a difference at TMCC.

Why should I get involved in Classified Council?

Classified Council is a great place to have your voice heard. It is a positive environment to make a difference. We want you there to help improve college communication and help our working environment be the best it can be.