Classified Council

Classified Employee of the Month Committee

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Dee Dee Segal

Committee Members

Jeanne Anderson, Carole Chouinard, Fred Egenberger, John Frederick, Dawn Ingraham, Brandy Scarnati, Barbara Painter, Stacey Singletary, Adine Stormoen


The Employee of the Month/Year (EOM/EOY) Committee meets once a month to review monthly nominations and select an employee to receive one of these honors. The committee usually meets on the last Wednesday of the month for one hour. The monthly nominees are scored based on specific criteria and the award is bestowed upon the employee with the highest total score.

The committee also meets once a year (usually in April) to review the Employee of the Year Nominations and select a winner. The nominating procedure is a little different and a more in depth process than what is used for EOM.

Nominations for employee of the month/year are submitted to the chair with the use of the online form available above.

Employee of the Year

2013 Gary Skibinski
2012 Michael "Mikey" Lockrem
2011 Patty Balderston
2010 Jeffrey Metcalf
2009 Dawn Ingraham
2008 Tracy Mentzer
2007 Charlotte Lee
2006 Vicky Davis
2005 Pam Hawkins
2004 Echo Marshall

Employee of the Month

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2014 Back to Top

January Brandie Davis
February Janet Bicker
April Francisco Villacorta
May Queency Fernandez
June Barbara Evans
July Saloma Helget
August Vicki Camilo
September Dante Vargas

2013 Back to Top

January Francisco Villacorta
March Carole Chouinard
May Renee Caudill
June Becky Peel
July Barbara Aten
August Zack Gregovich
September Cindy Ceccarelli
October Tina Sidles
November Karen Adams
December Amanda Sagun

2012 Back to Top

January Christene Tognarelli
February Roberta Bickford
March Linda Demore
April Michael "Mikey" Lockrem
May Nancy Quintero
June Lisa "Scottie" Lockrem
July Saloma Helget and Karen Adams
August Shari Cropper
September Nicole Scollard
October Echo Lynch
November Donna Clifford

2011 Back to Top

January Queency Fernandez
February Michelle Turner
March Valerie Lambert
April Pam Hawkins
May Barbie Wright
June Denise Pickering
July Carol Gribbin
August Barbara Alberi
September Jesse Smith
October Rachael Rotter
November Donna Maxfield

2010 Back to Top

January Ellie Wilkins
February Lora Lee Bale
March Howard Craig
April Oscar Garcia
May Lisa "Scottie" Lockrem
June Denise Bentley
July Barbie Wright
August Barbara Rummer and Amber Kai'ai'ai'
September David Misner and Mickey Lockrem
October Toni Stricklin
November Lisa "Scottie" Lockrem
December Angel Almada

2009 Back to Top

January Tamera Mooney
February Lucy Davis
March Shari Cropper
April Cynthia (Cinch) Irwin
May Melanie Daniel
June Ana Lidia Ferreira
July Mike Novosel
August Valerie Lambert
September David Misner
October Arkaitz Aldecoaotaiora
November Rocio Cakleron
December Denise Bentley

2008 Back to Top

January Chantal Rendon
February Nancy Quintero
March Bill McGuire
April Brandie Davis
May Shawnee Hughes
June Erin Sullivan
July Denise Pickering
August Will Jones
September Terri White
October Jodi Law
November Rocio Calderon
December Denise Bentley

2007 Back to Top

January Michael Lockrem
February Vicky Davis
March Jeanie Carnell
April Toni Stricklan
May Valerie Lambert
June Amber Kaaiai
July Megan Van
August Gracie De La Torre
September Singh Dao
October Brandy Colby
November Tracy Mentzer
December Nancy Helsel

2006 Back to Top

January Tina Sidles
February Marci Bridgman
March Jeanne Anderson
April Teresa Brooks
May Toni Hippert
June Lin Gable
July Tammy Clark
August Jeffrey Metcalf
September Alex Mathiesen
October John Frederick
November Karen Adams
December Barbara Matteoni-Levin

2005 Back to Top

August Joyce Cox
September Robert Brooks
October Maria Gasperi-Crawford
November Donna Maxfield
December Chris Nero

College News

Students & Staff Election Participation

Early voting for Washoe County residents comes to TMCC, and a candidate forum helped students become informed.

Trellis to Remember Licata

The shade structure that a TMCC professor envisioned is completed after his death.

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