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Infant 6-weeks to 18-months

The infant program provides a loving and nurturing environment for children. This program allows staff to help each child develop a sense of security in their environment.

Toddler 18-months to 3-years

The toddler program is designed to accommodate the development of self-help skills. Each child is introduced to new and exciting sensory experiences. A consistent program of developmentally appropriate activities helps nurture a positive "can-do" attitude.

Preschool 3 to 5-years

The preschool program offers a variety of hands-on activities and experiences. Through play, children create, explore, and pretend. Planned activities and consistent daily schedules are balanced with free time to create a developmentally appropriate setting that enhances the preschooler's love of learning.

Special Programs


We work as a partner with Nevada Early Intervention Services to include children with special needs in the child care setting. This program enriches your child's care and educational experience. Children learn to accept individual differences in others, while creating lasting friendships.

Foster Grandparents

The Foster Grandparent Program works cooperatively with our center to provide interactive experiences for seniors and children. This inter-generational program provides a special kind of companionship that benefits everyone.


The E.L. Cord Foundation Child Care Center is a lab school providing a wonderful opportunity to observe children in the child care setting.


Students enrolled in the early childhood education program at TMCC are required to spend one semester as part of the teaching team. These students are supervised by a TMCC faculty member and participate in a variety of activities.

Student Employees

Students enrolled at TMCC have the opportunity to work in various departments at the college. We are excited to employ these students at the Center as assistant teachers, office assistants, and helping hands.

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The Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (NAC).