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Through a quality child care program, TMCC Child Care Center will provide care and education based on best practice.

Center Philosophy

We believe in the development of the whole child. Our curriculum is designed to focus on the creative, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth of each individual. The purpose of our approach is to foster competency in the young child. While the emphasis is on children, family involvement is encouraged and supported.

Our Goals for Children

  • To feel good about who they are
  • To be competent and confident in their abilities
  • To be self-directed in a constructive, creative manner
  • To learn cooperation with other children as well as adults
  • To develop a love for learning and the ability to learn how to learn
  • To reach their full potential in emotional, intellectual, physical and social development
  • To be successful in future educational experiences

High-Quality is marked by:

  • Planned activities
  • Positive and warm interactions among teachers and children
  • Trained teachers and administrators
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Appropriate teachers / children ratios
  • Variety of age-appropriate materials
  • Inclusive environments
  • Regular and responsive communication with families
  • Effective business practices
  • Ongoing, systematic evaluation

The Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (NAC).