Summer School Office

Summer school is a self-supporting program that offers access to transferable and occupational courses, workforce development and continuing education and special summer activities.

There are two 5-week terms in which most of the classes are offered, although, due to content and demand for out-of-classroom work, some programs have a unique schedule and/or format.

Summer School Dates

YearFirst TermSecond Term
2013 5/28 - 6/28/13 7/1 - 8/2/13
2014 5/27 - 6/27/14 6/30 - 8/1/14

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College News

Stretch Math is Achievable

A math class option that takes out the fear and saves one semester is a cool stretch.

TAP Workshops Help Students Transfer

Transfer Admissions Program sessions at TMCC smoothes transition to UNR.

Calendar of Events

Professional Development Days

Thursday, August 21
Various Dandini locations

Part-Time Faculty Orientation

Thursday, August 21
Meadowood Center