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It is often said that Accounting is the "Language of Business". The heart of communicating with other business-people, is an understanding of financial statements and the principles which underlie the numbers. Without such skills, everyday business activities like making bank deposits, borrowing, paying employees or filling out government forms would not be possible.

Accounting also enables owners to analyze shortcomings within a business and save money, which equals more profit. Some say that accounting is droll or boring and refer to accountants as "bean counters", but when things go right or wrong, they turn to precisely those folks to find out why.

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TMCC provides Business Studies courses that reflect leading edge practices in use in the community. These courses include Business English which encompasses the written skills necessary for basic business correspondence, Business Speech Communications which enhances listening and oral skills in the work place, and Introduction to Business, a course designed to give students a broad introduction to the principles, practices and functions of business.

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The Economics discipline at TMCC provides undergraduate level course work to both satisfy the general education requirements in social science and prepare the student for transfer to a four-year university at the junior level. The Program offers Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, independent study, and internship credits. These courses prepare the student for an Associate of Arts (AA) degree with a Business emphasis, and are fully transferable to any accredited university.

The successful graduate will understand the roles of government, business, and individuals/consumers/households in the functioning and performance of our economy, as well as that of the economic systems of other countries. In addition, they will have the skills to collect and analyze economic and demographic information to make informed decisions to promote individual wealth and national economic progress.

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The TMCC Entrepreneurship Program acknowledges and supports the role that entrepreneurs play in a strong economic community. Our program philosophy encourages entrepreneurial spirit that will benefit students in starting their own business or in being a part of new product development in established companies.

The benefits of receiving an Entrepreneurship degree are:

  • A degree in entrepreneurship will give you a broad base knowledge of the needs of business while preparing you for small business ownership.
  • A degree in entrepreneurship is valued by businesses to assist them in constant innovation.
  • You will not only learn the skills for entrepreneurship, but also gain the knowledge of yourself and of customers to be successful in launching your own business.

The benefits of receiving an Associate of Arts (AA) degree with an Entrepreneurship emphasis from TMCC:

  • Small class size means one on one attention and the same flexibility and innovation experienced in small business management.
  • Access to successful entrepreneurs, who act as mentors, resources and most importantly all courses are taught by successful entrepreneurs.
  • Graduate with thousands of dollars of consulting expertise from instructors, while paying TMCC's low tuition rate.

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TMCC Logistics Management program is designed to educate both career professionals who are seeking to re-skill or increase their skill set for promotion and for incoming students who are seeking to obtain a degree in a growing exciting field. Logistics is about getting the right product to the right place at the right time at the right price. Logisticians handle products and services from cradle to cradle, sourcing raw materials, coordinating their delivery for manufacture, delivering the product to the consumer and make sure that the product is delivered in a way that supports company strategy.

The benefits of receiving a Logistics degree:

  • Logistics management is expected to grow by 35 percent in the next five to 10 years. Even during the recession logistics jobs grew.
  • Logistics degrees offer flexibility and capabilities that are widely transferable.
  • Logistics and supply chain management is heavily in demand by the US military and social service sectors.

The benefits of receiving a TMCC Logistics Management degree:

  • Graduate with your Certificate, Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degree and professional certification from APICS.
  • Evening classes, each class only meets one night per week and fall courses end early, allowing flexibility with work schedules.
  • Ability to take what you learn tonight and implement it tomorrow; attain theoretical instruction with real world application as the key focus.

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All businesses require leadership and management expertise. Learn how to empathize and manage human behavior as well as becoming a leader and discovering other constructive ways of leading others in organizations. Courses such as Principles of Management, Leadership & Human Relations, and Supervision focus primarily on developing the conceptual skills essential to successfully supervise employees.

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TMCC offers marketing courses to enhance and strengthen your qualifications for employment in entry level occupations. Additionally, our Marketing courses are an excellent preparation for advanced university study. Typically, the TMCC Marketing courses give you skills and knowledge that employers want: customer service knowledge, personal selling skills, and knowledge of the importance of marketing concepts as they apply to the business and non-profit environment.

Our Marketing courses include Introduction to Marketing, Advertising and Principles of Sales.

If you complete an AA Degree in Business and take several Marketing courses you can start training for a career in:

  • Sales Management
  • Retail Store Management
  • Advertising
  • Professional Sales Representative in a variety of fields
  • Marketing Support
  • and many more

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"Under all is the land." (preamble, National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics)

Real estate is the most fundamental and probably the most important component of any economy. Home ownership is the embodiment of the American dream. At TMCC we offer the two courses required to obtain a Real Estate Salesperson's license in Nevada. These courses are also valuable for important general knowledge for students not seeking a license. Classes are offered during the evening, and online.  Courses are scheduled to run consecutively within the same semester.

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