Budget and Planning

Procedure for Replacements of Budgeted Positions

As approved by the TMCC President's Advisory Council on October 15, 2012


This procedure applies to any new or vacant Classified or Professional position of 0.50 or more FTE. Excludes part-time faculty positions.


The objectives of this procedure are as follows:

  1. Ensure that strong budgetary controls are in place for budgeted positions.
  2. Provide for process that records and reports new or replacement positions and use of attrition or salary savings.


Approval to recruit vacant/new positions is through the Personnel Executive Committee (PEC). The purpose of the PEC is to review and approve for hiring and/or recruiting any new or vacant 0.50 or more FTE, part-time, Classified or Professional position (excludes part-time faculty positions). PEC membership consists of the TMCC President and Vice Presidents. Human Resources and Budget Office personnel will also attend. Meetings are twice per month, or as needed.


  1. Before beginning the recruiting process, all positions must be approved by the President and Vice Presidents.
  2. When a position becomes vacant, a department may request funds for interim or short-term through a Request for Salary Savings. Please contact the Budget and Planning Office for more information.
  3. The department or division will prepare and process the TMCC Position Opening Approval form. The requesting department is responsible for completing the form and obtaining necessary approvals, including the appropriate Vice President.
  4. After the Vice President's approval, the department will send the form to the Budget Office.
  5. The Budget and Planning Office will verify budget information and bring copies of the completed form to the PEC meeting.
  6. At the meeting, the appropriate Vice President will describe the position and the reasons for recommending the position for approval.

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