Budget and Planning

Completing the Budget Transfer Form

See Also: Budget Transfer form

There are four sections to complete:

  1. Transfer budget authorization from:
    1. Enter Org: for accounts in fund 7100 and the 7200 series;, the Fund, Agency, and Account Name should enter automatically. For other funds, you will need to enter those (see tips below).
    2. Enter Object: the object name will enter automatically.
    3. Enter Amount: the total will sum automatically.
  2. Transfer budget authorization to: Same as item 1.
  3. Reason for transfer:
    Please describe why this transfer is being done. "Move funds to travel" does not add any additional information. "Move funds for May WACUBO conference" is more descriptive. We will enter this reason into the "Notes" section of Advantage for future reference.
  4. Prepared by:
    Provide your name.
  5. Authorized signature:
    An individual who has signature authority on the account. An email from signature authority may substitute for actual signature. Budget form can be copied and should be attached to the email.
  6. Routing:
    Form may be emailed, faxed or sent inter-office (RDMT 330) to the Budget office.


  1. If you enter an org and the fund and agency display "N/A", that may indicate:
    1. The org is not in a 7100 or 7200 series fund and you will need to enter the fund and agency manually
    2. The org is new and not yet in this spreadsheet's reference table [contact Katie Dwyer if this is the problem]
    3. Recheck the org name to be sure it is entered correctly. In any case, just enter the fund and agency in the cell instead; your entries will override the "N/A."
  2. The above paragraph also applies if you enter an object that is not often used. In such cases, you will need to enter the object name manually, overriding the "N/A."
  3. If you accidentally enter an org in the fund or agency or object name cell, you have overridden the automatic fill function. You will discover your mistake immediately because fund and agency or the object name will not display as expected. You have several options to correct:
    1. Enter the fund and agency or object name manually
    2. Start over on a new version of the form
    3. Copy the cell below the one you used accidentally and paste it over the accidental entry.

Viewing the Budget Transfer Detail on Financial Data Warehouse

  1. At the bottom on each month's Balance and Activity Report during months when a budget transfer was processed , there is a section "Expense Budget Transaction" which lists the budget transfers processed that month. Each budget transfer will be identified by a reference number that begins TB7Fyr0000xxx (in FY09, TB7F090000xxx; in FY10 TB7F100000xxx; all digits are numbers except TB and F).
  2. Go to the "Business Information" tab on top tabs.
  3. Select "Document Lookup" from that drop down menu.
  4. Enter the Budget Transaction number without the "TB", e.g., "7F090000xxx".
    In the "Select Document Type" drop down list, select "TB - Transfer Budget".
  5. Select "Ledger Detail" at the bottom.
  6. To see "Reason for Transfer" on the Ledger Detail page, select "See note".

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