Auxiliary Services

Copy Center

The TMCC Copy Center, located in the Red Mountain Building, room 243 is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Copy Center offers a full range of copy services: both black and full color copying, comb and tape (thermal) binding, and laminating. In addition, the center offers, free of charge when printed in the copy center, folding, stapling, booklet making, envelope stuffing, padding, shrink wrapping and dual and three hole punching.

Letterhead and Business Cards

All TMCC letterhead and business cards are ordered from and created in the TMCC Copy Center.


The copy center provides copyright information and obtains written permission and cost estimates from publishers when requested to reproduce portions of any copyrighted work that is not considered "fair use." Any fees will be added to your monthly charge billing. Please allow a minimum of six weeks for permission to be granted.


Cost per copy for black ink on white paper is $.025, black ink on color paper $.035, full color ink on white paper $.10.

All reprographic costs will be electronically billed at the end of each month and a transfer of funds from your Xerox encumbrance will be completed. Copies of individual copy requests will not be available, so please keep a copy of the electronic receipt for your records.

Requesting Services

All requests must be submitted by completing the Electronic Copy Request form. See the Quick Guide and Attaching Files to Request for information on completing the form. You must have a PIN assigned to you for each account number from which you want charges taken.

Hard Copies of Documents

Hard copies of documents can be delivered to the copy center, but the electronic request form must still be completed. There is a kiosk available in the copy center.

You can also convert hard copies of documents to PDF by scanning at any Xerox machine in the copier program. For locations of machines see Key Operator List. These files can then be attached to your electronic request form.

Personal Copying

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the TMCC Copy Center for all your personal copying needs. Services must be paid for at the time of service, using either cash or check. Email requests or drop them off in RDMT 243. The electronic request form can not be used for personal copying requests.

PINs and Encumbrances

We have implemented an automated and paperless billing process for all Copy Center charges. These monthly bills are generated, distributed and debited just like departmental Xerox and long distance bills. Each month the departmental contact receives an email from with a subject line: "DO NOT DELETE! 6/2013: Xerox/Phone Bill/Copy Center". It includes an attachment for each cost center for which there was activity. Charges are automatically taken from your Xerox/Copy Center and long distance encumbered funds.

If you need to set up new or additional accounts, a few things to remember:

  • Set up a DPO/RFC for each account number that will be charged.
  • Encumber sufficient funds for both Xerox and copy center charges
  • Request a PIN for each person in your department that will be using this account.
  • Send white, pink and yellow copies of DPO to Auxiliary Services, RDMT 231

The above steps must be completed before attempting to complete the electronic copy request.

When completing your DPO/RFC, include:

  1. The amount you want encumbered
  2. The name of the department
  3. A contact person for the department
  4. A phone number for the contact person
  5. The department code under which you want the encumbrance listed (this is not the account number)
  6. The account number you want charged
  7. The names of employees you want to have PINs for this account

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