Auxiliary Services

Vehicle Use Policy and Procedures

Vehicle Use Policy

The use of a College vehicle is restricted to authorized official college business only (SAM 1302.0; State Administrative Manual, 24th Edition).

All drivers must have a valid driver's license of the appropriate class in their possession while operating a college vehicle. All College vehicles must be operated in a safe, courteous and responsible manner and in compliance with all motor vehicle traffic laws, including parking regulations and the TMCC Vehicle Use Procedures (SAM 1410.0).

Fueling Procedures Back to Top

As we continue to support TMCC's "Commitment to Sustainability" and do our part to reduce motor vehicle related pollution, we request that all TMCC gasoline powered vehicles are refueled using the departmental Haycock gas card, with the reformulated gasoline available at the UNR fueling site.

The diesel-powered vehicles in the fleet can be fueled at any authorized Haycock Petroleum site.

Vehicle Use Procedures Back to Top

Section I - Vehicle Use

  1. The use of a College vehicle is restricted to authorized official college business only. Drivers and any passengers are restricted as defined in the Vehicle Use Policy.
  2. College vehicles shall not be taken to or parked at operator's home except when written approval is issued by the Appointing Authority (SAM 1306.0).
  3. Driver's and passengers are to be restricted to College employees, students or individuals cooperating in College projects or programs only. Any other people riding as passengers or driving vehicles is prohibited (SAM 1410.0).

Section II - In Case of an Accident Back to Top

  1. The driver of any College vehicle involved in an accident shall:
    • File an accident report with the proper police authority (TMCC, Reno, Sparks, Washoe County or NHP).
    • Remain on the accident scene, unless medical assistance requires them to leave, until released by the presiding Police Officer.
    • Immediately contact her/his supervisor.
    • Not sign or make statement as to responsibility.
  2. The supervisor has the responsibility to immediately notify the State Risk Management Division (SAM 1412.0) and TMCC Insurance Claims Office.

Section III - Fueling Regulations Back to Top

  1. Departmental Haycock Petroleum credit cards should be used for all fuel purchases.
  2. All College gasoline powered vehicles should be refueled with Reformulated Gasoline (RFG). The designated fueling site for RFG is located on the UNR campus. Diesel purchases can be made at any authorized Haycock Petroleum fueling site.

Section IV - Use of a Personal Vehicle Back to Top

  1. Upon approval, there may be occasion for an employee to use her/his personal vehicle for College business. Depending on circumstances, mileage reimbursement may be available and will be calculated using the current "State Mileage Reimbursement Rate."
  2. Employee must have:
    1. a valid driver's license.
    2. proof of liability insurance.
  3. Employee agrees that:
    • The College and the NSHE are not liable for any accidents or vehicular malfunctions that may occur during the use of a personal vehicle; however, Risk Management will reimburse up to $500 of an employee's personal auto insurance deductible, under certain circumstances, when they are involved in a "collision" in their personal vehicle while on State business. This does not apply to comprehensive damage. Generally the employee must establish, through documentation from agency management, that a State vehicle was not available at the time of the collision and that the use of the personal vehicle was not for the convenience of the employee. Each claim is evaluated on its own merit (SAM 0506.0).
    • Maintenance on vehicle is personal responsibility.
    • Written travel records must be maintained and submitted for reimbursement.

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By pressing "Submit Now", I agree that:

  • I have read the TMCC Vehicle Use Policy and Procedure;
  • I have discussed it with my supervisor;
  • I understand what my responsibilities are when operating a College vehicle; and,
  • I agree to follow the rules and regulations as outlined in these policies.
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