Assessment and Planning

Program/Unit Reviews

The Program/Unit Review (PUR) is a central component of the integrated assessment/planning process at TMCC. Every instructional program/unit in the college completes a comprehensive self-study on a five-year cycle. The self-study combines reflective self-examination and the use of data to produce an integrated, strategic approach to ongoing instructional development and improvement in order to provide accountability, quality, planning, and information for budgeting, refocusing and accreditation.

The PUR is an integral component of academic assessment related processes at TMCC.

  • Periodic, comprehensive review and assessment of programs and units are reported in the Program/Unit Review. The Program/Unit Review includes examination of curriculum (including assessment of student learning outcomes), demographics and enrollment, and resources in a single document. The PUR establishes recommendations for each Program/Unit to focus on for improvement.
  • Annual assessment results for programs/units and courses are reported in both the Annual Progress Reports which are established by the PUR process, and Course Assessment Reports (CARs), respectively. Together, the Annual Progress Report and CARs provide information for each program/unit on an ongoing basis. These assessments reflect course level student outcomes, as well as program level responses to the PUR recommendations and objectives. In this fashion, assessment efforts are connected in a concerted process.
  • TMCC's Educational Master Plan integrates information from the Program/Unit Review, the Program Annual Progress Report and other sources into a "framework to successfully support the implementation of the college, vision, mission, and strategic initiatives by effectively allocating resources to meet the educational needs of all students".

Through the self-study process, the program/unit compiles and analyzes assessment activities and program/unit data for a five-year period. Deans provide additional analysis, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Assessment and Planning office provide summaries and recommendations related to specific resource requests generated by the self-study to the resource allocation plan. Approved recommendations may be incorporated into the Educational Master Plan (EMP) and other strategic plans, including enrollment, staffing, facilities, technology, or the overall college plan (contingent upon need and resources).