Assessment and Planning

Educational Master Plan (EMP)

The TMCC Educational Master Plan (EMP) provides a framework to successfully support the implementation of the college vision, mission and strategic initiatives by effectively allocating resources to meet the educational needs of all students. Overall, the EMP supports institutional effectiveness by responding to the academic and student services needs of the communities served by TMCC.

In addition, the EMP provides critical information, data and support to develop/refine other key college documents (i.e. Facilities Master Plan, Technology Plan, Staffing Plan, etc.).

A comprehensive and forward thinking EMP requires a synthesis of the institution's vision and mission with sound information about the student population(s) being served, enrollment trends, economic trends, and the new and emerging demands of the labor market.

The EMP is organized into chapters, as follows:

  • Chapter 1
    Includes: a) an overview of the history; b) vision, mission, core values, and strategic initiatives; and c) the timeline and process used to develop the EMP.
  • Chapter 2
    Includes a presentation and analysis of the external and internal environmental data used to help guide and reaffirm the planning priorities embraced by this College, including enrollment trends, staffing patterns and relevant labor market information.
  • Chapter 3
    Includes program profiles for all academic and student services departments/units of the College.
  • Chapter 4
    Includes key findings, implications, and strategic focus. Department Annual Progress Reports are published here.
  • Chapter 5
    Delineates the implementation of the EMP and suggests ways to refine/revise the Plan.

Supporting Documents