Assessment and Planning

College News

Nursing Program Expanding in 2015

Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program will offer new degree and move into enlarged, remodeled facility.

Legacy Event Honors Students and Donors

TMCC Foundation hosts a festive dinner, creating connections for scholars and their benefactors.

Calendar of Events

TMCC Band Concert

Tuesday, October 21
North Valleys High School, 1470 East Golden Valley Rd.

Free Student Workshop: Preventing Identity Theft

Tuesday, October 21
SIER 209, Dandini Campus

AUR Schedule of 5-Year Review Cycle

AUR Schedule of 5-Year Review Cycle
Year Administrative Unit Responsible Office Next Full Review
2013-2014 Office of the President President 2018-2019
  Office of the VPFA President  
  Accounting Services VPFA  
  Office of the Dean of AIT VPAA  
  Child Care Center Dean of Liberal Arts  
  Financial Aid and Student Success Chief of SS  
2014-2015 Equity and Inclusion President 2019-2020
  Institutional Advancement President/Foundation  
  Budget and Planning VPFA  
  Office of the Dean of Business VPAA  
  Library VPAA  
  Disability Resource Center/SGA Chief of SS  
2015-2016 Human Resources President 2020-2021
  Facility Operations and Capital Planning VPFA  
  Office of the Dean of Web College VPAA  
  Veterans Upward Bound Chief of SS  
  Office of Chief of Student Services President  
  Workforce Development Dean of Business  
2016-2017 Institutional Research President 2021-2022
  Information Technology Operations VPFA  
  Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts VPAA  
  Admissions and Records Chief of SS  
  Police and Public Safety President  
2017-2018 Professional Development President 2022-2023
  Office of VPAA President  
  Information Technology Services VPFA  
  Office of the Dean of Sciences VPAA  
  Retention and Support Programs Chief of SS  
  Adult Basic Education VPAA