Assessment and Planning

AUR Functional Responsibilities

President's Office

  • Identify units subject to review process and designate appropriate senior staff members
  • Provide data and information support through institutional research
  • Final approval of the results of the study

Designated Senior Staff

  • Develop a schedule for reviewing units in her/his division
  • Notify units being reviewed
  • Participate in the orientation workshop
  • Assist unit planning leader with assembling self-study committee by deadline
  • Assist unit planning leader in compiling a list of users/customers for surveying
  • Monitor the progress of the self-study
  • Ensure timely completion of the self-study by the respective unit
  • Work with the unit planning leader in developing objectives to inform unit's work plan and resource requests after the completion of the administrative unit review process
  • Ensure follow through of action plan

Unit Self-Study Committee

  • Collects and analyzes the data in preparation for self-study
  • Compiles self-study document
  • Works with appropriate senior staff member in developing objectives supporting its work plan and resource requests after completion of the administrative unit review process

Unit Planning Leader

  • Assemble members for self-study committee
  • Compiles list of users/customers for surveys
  • Prepares work plan, objectives and resource requests
  • Provide progress to planning process, including results of self-study, annual evaluation and assessment