Access Outreach Recruitment

AOR Faculty and Staff

 Patty Porter Photo Name: Patty Avila-Porter
Title: Program Director
Location: RDMT 115 C
Telephone: 775-673-7154
Amber Burroughs Photo Name: Amber Burroughs
Title: Program Manager
Location: EDSN 201 A
Telephone: 775-857-4963
Christopher Dudash photo Name: Christopher Dudash
Title: Student Success Specialist
Location: RDMT 115 D
Telephone: 775-673-8215
Maria Jimenez-Ortiz Photo Name: Maria Jimenez-Ortiz
Title: Gear Up Ambassador
Location: RDMT 115
Telephone: 775-337-5601
Adriana Lopez photo Name: Adriana Lopez
Title: Interim Case Manager
Location: RDMT 115 B
Telephone: 775-673-8286
Photo Not Available Name: Jennifer Zarco
Title: Student Success Specialist
Location: EDSN 202
Telephone: 775-856-5305

College News

Math the Exciting Way

Math League at TMCC is a popular get-together for students to share calculating tips.

Nevada's Bold Spirit in Art

Fall shows in the galleries of TMCC present energetic works by students and faculty.

Calendar of Events

SGA Finance Committee Meeting

Friday, September 19
RDMT 122, Dandini Campus

Nursing Faculty Meeting

Friday, September 19
RCB 102, High Tech Center at Redfield