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Below are answers to Advisement's most commonly asked questions.

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All the New Student Workshops are full, what do I do?

Online versions of both sessions are available, and are typically offered for individuals who reside 50 miles outside of the Reno area. If you are registering very late in the registration cycle and need to complete required enrollment steps in order to enroll, please contact with your full name and student ID number.

Am I required to meet with an Academic Advisor?

All new degree-seeking students are required to meet with an Academic Advisor through a New Student Orientation in order to be able to register for your first semester of classes. Once you have met your initial advisement requirement, you are not obligated to meet with an advisor again.

However, it is strongly recommended that you meet with an advisor before registration each semester to ensure that you are taking degree-applicable classes, to determine whether or not there have been changes to your program of study, and to map out an educational plan that will keep you on track for graduation.

Can I get a poor grade removed from my transcript?

No. Once grades are recorded on your official record, they are permanent and cannot be removed. However, you do have the right to retake any course and have only the highest grade used in the computation of your total GPA (grade point average). Health science program exceptions may apply to the retake policy. Please consult the financial aid office or the veterans' benefit office if you are receiving aid or benefits.

Do I have an assigned advisor?

No. At TMCC, you have the option of meeting with any advisor in the academic advisement center, regardless of your major. If you have had a particularly satisfying experience with an advisor or would feel more comfortable working with the same advisor throughout your time here, you may request to meet with a specific advisor for each subsequent session. Many students find that building a relationship with an advisor helps them stay connected with TMCC and on course with their educational goals.

Does the Advisement Center have drop in hours?

Since we do not offer drop-in advising, please call the academic advisement center at 775-673-7062 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Quick questions can frequently be answered with a phone call.

How and when do I register for a New Student Workshop?

Students may register for the required New Student Workshop online. New dates and times become available two to three weeks prior to and continue throughout each new registration period.

New Students: students who are new to TMCC and new to college must complete their application for admission and the ACCUPLACER test prior to registering for a New Student Workshop.

Once you have these requirements complete, visit the Student Advisement Workshop Scheduler and choose "New Student". To access the workshop registration page, enter your student ID number and date of birth. In order to sign up for a workshop you will need to enter your ACCUPLACER scores.

How do I transfer courses from other colleges to be evaluated to see if I am on track for graduation?

Currently enrolled students can submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form and turn it in along with required documentation to Admissions and Records. Also be sure to review the transfer Steps to Enroll.

How do I transfer credits from another college to TMCC?

You will need to submit an official copy of your transcripts to Admissions and Records or to the Academic Advisement Center. Once you are enrolled in classes at TMCC you may submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request in order to have your transcripts officially evaluated.

While you wait to receive your official evaluation, you may review the transfer articulation/course equivalence table to find out how your coursework from another institution transfers to TMCC. If you cannot find your previous courses in this table, please contact Academic Advisement.

How do I transfer my credits from TMCC to another college or university?

First, speak with someone at the college or university to which you are transferring to ensure that you follow their requirements. Then submit an official Transcript Request form to Starting Point/Admissions to have your TMCC transcripts sent to that school.

How does a "W" affect my transcript?

A "W" does not figure into your semester or cumulative GPA, but it does count as an attempted credit hour. If you're eligible for financial aid, check with that office for any potential implications.

I am having difficulty in one of my classes. What should I do?

If you are having difficulty in a class, the first thing you should always do is meet with your instructor. However, if you are considering dropping the class, look into the resources that are available to you before making your decision. Dropping a class may affect your financial aid, your Veterans' benefits, and your progress towards graduation. Always do your research before dropping a class. Resources available include, but are not limited to:

  • TLC (Tutoring and Learning Center) at TMCC staffs its inviting environment with well- trained tutors to help students become independent learners for academic success. Tutors are trained to create a positive learning experience, to clarify content and help students to attain higher academic achievement.
  • The Counseling Center is also available to assist students with relationships and other personal issues that can interfere with normal day-to-day life.
  • An emergency loan may be available through Financial Aid if you are enrolled in at least six credits and have paid for them and have a bona fide emergency during the school term related to educational expense.

I need to enroll in 19 credits this semester, but the system will not let me. Who can help me with this?

Students must speak with an advisor in order to enroll in more than 17 credits in a semester. Please contact advisement. Students must be in good standing in order to qualify for a credit overload.

What are "college prep" or developmental courses?

Developmental courses are those numbered below 100, such as ENG 098 R. These courses do not transfer to a university and are not covered by the Millennium Scholarship. Additionally, developmental courses do not apply toward any certificate or degree at TMCC. Effective fall 2007, students requiring developmental classes (English 098 R, math 091, 093, 095, 096) must successfully complete those classes prior to completion of 30 college credits per board of regents policy.

What exams am I able to re-take through TMCC's Testing Services?

Re-tests are permitted for the following:

TestRe-test Policy
ACCUPLACER placement exam Course placement for TMCC Students will be determined by the highest valid scores within the past twenty-four month period. Students are unable to retake ACCUPLACER placement tests if they have already begun their English class sequence. . Students may retake the English and math ACCUPLACER placement test no sooner than 24 hours after the initial try, any subsequent retakes must be spaced at least two weeks apart. Students will be charged a $20.00 retake fee for each retake attempt.

Note: TMCC reserves the right to change course placement scores.
ACCUPLACER for Dental Hygiene Re-tests are permitted two weeks after your initial test; the cost is $20.
Certified Nursing Assistant exam Please contact the TMCC Health Science department
Non TMCC proctored exams Per instructors approval
General Educational Development (GED) If you want to retake any individual section of the exam, the cost is $14 per section.
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Re-tests of CLEP Exam are permitted after six months from your initial test; the cost of the exam is $77, and there is also a $20 site administration fee. If you are retaking a CLEP Exam, please contact the College Board for details for retaking the exam.
HESI Students are only allowed to retake the HESI exam once if they scores below 75 in at least one section of their first HESI exam. Only those scores for the repeat sections that were previously below 75 will be used to calculate the new score. The cost for the HESI V2 is $70.
Radiology Technology Program Assessment Per instructors approval
Medical Terminology Test Students are allowed one test and one retest. The cost of the exam is $40 per test session. Applicants who have already taken the Medical Terminology Test and received a score below 75 are eligible to retake this test once.

What is the difference between an advisor and a counselor?

Advisors can assist with:

  • Exploring your options for educational programs
  • Selecting a major
  • Transfer procedures
  • Class selection
  • Credit overload
  • Student education plans
  • Reviewing graduation requirements
  • Unofficial transcript evaluation
  • Course substitutions


Counselors can assist with:

  • Career counseling
  • Career assessment interpretation
  • Personal counseling
  • Issues that may interfere with normal day-to-day life
  • Crisis counseling
  • Goal clarification
  • Community resources
  • Students on academic probation/disqualification
  • Educational, career and personal development classes

What services do academic advisors provide?

Academic advisors are available throughout the year to assist students educational planning, explore majors, transfer procedures, class selection and other information about the college. TMCC highly recommends that you seek academic advisement before you register each semester, periodically during your studies, before transferring to another college or university and/or before graduating. Advisors can assist with:

  • Exploring your options for educational programs
  • Selecting a major
  • Transfer procedures
  • Class selection
  • Credit overload
  • Student education plans
  • Reviewing graduation requirements
  • Unofficial transcript evaluation
  • Course substitutions

When I attempt to enroll in a class I get the error message "requisite not met". Who can determine if my prior course work qualifies for me to register in this class?

Advisors can review your prior course work, either from TMCC or by reviewing official transcripts from other colleges and provide course permissions, if appropriate.

When should I speak with an advisor?

New students - all new degree-seeking students are required to meet with an advisor through a New Student Advisement Workshop in order to be able to register for your first semester of classes. Once you have registered for classes, you are considered to be a continuing student.

Continuing students – Advisors are available to you year-round for all of your academic planning questions. If you have questions about which classes you should register for in the upcoming semester, plan to meet with an advisor prior to the start of registration or as early into the registration period as possible. Summer and fall registration begin every April, and Spring registration begins in November. Remember, advisement is by appointment only and during registration periods advisors may be booked out at least three weeks.

Where can I get my TMCC courses evaluated to see if I am on track for graduation?

Your TMCC Academic Advisement Report is available via MyTMCC. Once you are logged in, click on "Student Center", click on "My Academics", and click on "View My Advisement Report." The Academic Advisement Report is intended to assist you in tracking your progress toward degree completion, lists all of the courses you have completed and those you must complete to earn a degree. If you need additional assistance, contact Academic Advisement.

Where is the Academic Advisement Center located?

Academic advisement and career services is located on the Dandini Campus in the student services center, Red Mountain Building, room 111.

Which classes transfer if I'm planning on transferring to a Nevada university?

Most colleges have transfer articulation access on their websites; you may want to meet with an advisor at the college to which you plan to transfer. We work closely with the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to take the guess work out of class selection at TMCC. You may visit the online transfer centers at both UNR and UNLV to review general education and major specific transfer agreements.

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How do I formally declare a major?

Please fill out the degree/emphasis change form.

Who needs to complete the TMCC Required Enrollment Steps?

All new, degree-seeking students must complete the required enrollment steps: take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test, attend an orientation and attend an advisement workshop.

Why do I have to complete the required enrollment steps?

TMCC requires all new degree-seeking students to complete the free Required Enrollment Steps (RES) to help ensure their success as new college students. Finishing each required enrollment step will help prepare you for your first semester at TMCC and guide you towards graduation.

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Can I complete TMCC's New Student Workshop online?

If you live within a 50 mile radius from TMCC you must attend a New Student Workshop in person.

If you are a distance education student (outside the 50 mile radius), you can complete the workshop online. Please note that if you do the online orientation you will need to contact TMCC's Academic Advisement Office to receive instructions on how to complete the New Student Workshop online.

Can parents or partners attend a TMCC New Student Workshop?

Parents or partners are not required to attend a New Student Workshop; however, we welcome them and most do choose to attend. Parents and partners who attend are able to help their student better understand the nature of the information presented.

Do I have to complete the steps to enroll for new degree-seeking students if I am a student but am not seeking a degree at TMCC?

If you did not declare a major on your application, and you do not plan to earn a degree from TMCC, you should complete the steps to enroll for non-degree-seeking students. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions and Records Office.

Do I have to complete the steps to enroll for new degree-seeking students if I'm a transfer student?

Transfer students are only required to complete the steps to enroll for transfer students. If you have any questions, please contact Academic Advisement.

Do I have to pay to attend a New Student Workshop?

There currently is no cost to attend a New Student Workshop.

Do you offer child care services while I attend a New Student Workshop?

Please make arrangements for child care prior to coming to a New Student Workshop; the orientation program does not provide child care facilities.

Does TMCC offer campus tours?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide in-person tours at this time. We encourage you to visit our online tour to become familiar with our campus. If you have any questions about TMCC, please contact us.

How can I get my orientation hold removed from my account to register for classes?

To remove the Academic Advisement holds from your account, you must either attend a New Student Workshop or if you are a long distance student you must do the online New Student Workshop and the online advisement workshop.

If you have already completed these requirements and your hold was not removed, please contact Academic Advisement.

How do I sign up for a New Student Workshop?

To reserve your seat for a  New Student Workshop, please visit Academic Advisement.

I already have a degree at TMCC. Do I have to re-do the steps to enroll for new degree-seeking students?

No. If you have an advisement hold on your account, please contact Academic Advisement.

I can't log in to MyTMCC to register for classes. Who can help me with this process?

If you are having difficulties with your username/password you can use the self service tools to reset them. If you need further assistance, contact student support.

What are the steps required prior to attending New Student Workshop?

Before attending orientation you must:

What is the purpose of the New Student Workshop at TMCC?

The New Student Workshop is designed to provide students with useful information that will help them be successful in college.

At TMCC, the New Student Workshop is a required step to enroll which must be completed by new degree-seeking students. The New Student Workshop is combined with Academic Advisement, so you must attend in order to learn important academic requirements for your degree. In addition, we will help you create an academic planner to help you create a schedule that will help you be successful.

Completing orientation is a great way to get you started on the road to success.

What kind of New Student Workshop do you have at TMCC?

The New Student Workshop is an informative presentation for new degree seeking students. All New Student Workshops are combined with an academic advisement workshop. If you are a new degree-seeking student and live within driving distance of TMCC (50 mile radius), you must attend a three-hour New Student Workshop.

An online option is available for out-of-state and long distance students. Contact Academic Advisement for assistance.