Accounting Services

Employee Payroll

Departments who need to submit hours for hourly employees and/or student employees must process all contracts and hiring paperwork by the established deadline date. Paperwork for hourly employees must go through TMCC Human Resources. Paperwork for students must go through the Student Employment office (located within the Financial Aid office). All contracts received after the deadline will be held and will be processed for the next payroll period.

Departments must input student/hourly time via the time sheet program in the Citrix/LOA system by the established deadline date. The TMCC Student Payroll Schedule, with the deadline dates, is updated at the end of the current year for the next calendar year, and then posted on Financial Aid's website.

Once all employee hours have been entered, the department prints the time reporting summary from Citrix. Departments should verify that all employees appear on the summary and that the hours for each employee are printed correctly. Once the summary has been verified, it is signed and delivered to Accounting Services (for hourly employees) or Financial Aid/Student Employment. The summaries must be to either location by 5 p.m. by the established deadline date.

Individual employee time sheets will not be accepted by Accounting Services or Financial Aid/Student Employment. If a department cannot access or print from the Citrix/LOA system, they need to contact either Human Resources, Accounting Services or Financial Aid/Student Employment for assistance to assure the summary is submitted on time.

Accounting Services or Financial Aid/Student Employment can print their respective batch submittal proof reports which is compared to all the department summaries. Employees on the proof report must appear on a worksheet summary. Likewise, employees on worksheet summaries must appear on the proof. Those that do not must be researched and resolved before payroll can be submitted and downloaded.

Financial Aid/Student Employment turns its proof report in to Accounting Services for batch submittal and download to the UNR payroll office. This process is done according to a schedule put out by the UNR payroll office.

If for any reason a department has difficulty with the payroll process, please contact either Accounting Services or Financial Aid/Student Employment for further assistance and direction.

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