About TMCC

Institutional Strategic Planning Process

TMCC fulfills its mission of promoting student success, academic excellence and access to lifelong learning by committing to an ongoing and effective institutional planning process. TMCC's institutional planning is an in-depth, college-wide process that results in the college's strategic plan—a plan that is ongoing, transparent, and evidence-based. It consists of the College's strategic initiatives and priorities and the college's resource allocation.

The process strengthens the linkages of unit planning and institutional priorities to the allocation of budget and other resources such as space, data and information, human resource, professional development and technology. The process is designed to assist faculty, staff, and administrators across the campus with refining college services in fulfilling the college's mission by honoring and building on the strengths of each unit and their staff.

On an annual basis each (a) instructional program unit and (b) operational or administrative unit of the college, through a self-assessment process (internal reflection and scanning of the external environment), completes a written plan that:

  • Affirms their values and contributions to the College through their mission statements.
  • Creates work plans that achieve goals and objectives strategically now and in the future.
  • Allocates resources.
  • Provides measures of progress and results.

This annual process is further supported by an extensive assessment and review process scheduled on a 5-year cycle for each unit. This rigorous, reflective and comprehensive self-study for each instructional program unit and administrative unit promotes an integrated strategic approach to ongoing institutional development and improvement that informs policy directions and decisions making.

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