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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Wagner, Saray Workforce Development and Continuing Education 824-3801 Details
Walbridge, William Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Walden, Randy Technical Sciences Division 856-5328 Details
Walker, Linda Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Walker, Scott Industrial Maintenance 856-5317 Details
Walker, Shelley Accounting Services 673-7162 Details
Webb, Jason Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Weidinger, Corina Visual Arts 674-7518 Details
Wells, Brian Graphic Arts 673-8223 Details
Whitworth, Jenn Childcare Center 674-7515 Details
Wilkins, Ellie Humanities Department 674-7945 Details
Williams, Amy Workforce Development and Continuing Education 824-3831 Details
Williams, Daniel Biology 673-8233 Details
Williams, Rich Accounting Services 674-7979 Details
Wilson, Lindsay English 673-7809 Details
Winslow, Nadine Presidents Office 674-7971 Details
Winston, Jim Mathematics 850-4046 Details
Witzleben, Anne ESL (college ESL) 674-7586 Details
Woehr, Cheryl Counseling 673-7140 Details
Wonder, Dolores Nursing Assistant CNA 674-7925 Details
Wong, Kelley Re-entry Center 674-7649 Details
Wray, Carolyn Theater 789-5674 Details
Wurm, Sharon Financial Aid 673-7074 Details

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