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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Sagun, Amanda Web College Division 337-5623 Details
Sakamura, Eriko ABE/ESL 824-3818 Details
Salas, Melody Custodial Department 673-7226 Details
Sanchez, Victor Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Sanchez Manzanares, Elmer Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Sanders, Barbara Equity and Inclusion 673-7123 Details
Sanford, Patti Dental Hygiene 674-7908 Details
Santos, Laure'L Technical Sciences Division 856-5686 Details
Scarnati, Brandy Web College Division 674-7948 Details
Schafer, Lee TMCC Bookstore (follett) 673-7172 Details
Scheible, Ben Real Estate 674-7910 Details
Scheller-Barkman, Mike Facilities Operations and Capital Planning 673-7082 Details
Schoen, Linda Workforce Development and Continuing Education 829-9046 Details
Schoppe, Trenton Welding 856-5329 Details
Schulz, Mike Emergency Medical Services 789-5436 Details
Schuster, Gina Emergency Medical Services 789-5513 Details
Scollard, Nicole Human Resources 674-7653 Details
Scott, Cheryl Institutional Research 673-8239 Details
Scow, Ray Automotive Technology 856-5311 Details
Segal, Dee Dee Auxiliary Services 673-7029 Details
Sharp, Mark Technical Sciences Division 856-5325 Details
Sharp-Strauser, Roxanne Facilities Operations and Capital Planning 673-7100 Details
Sheehan, Maria President's Office 673-7025 Details
Shibasaki, Izumi Circulation 673-8232 Details
Shimabuku, Nicole Student Activities and Leadership 673-7203 Details
Shirey, Leighanne Nursing 850-4042 Details
Sidles, Tina Circulation 674-7603 Details
Siegel, Neil Elizabeth Sturm Library 674-7608 Details
Silver, Jeanine Occupational and Safety Training 789-5511 Details
Simmons, Kyle Humanities Department 673-7264 Details
Singletary, Stacey Public Safety and Police 674-7900 Details
Skeans, Deborah Nursing 674-7017 Details
Skibinski, Gary Auxiliary Services 674-7923 Details
Slowan-Pomeroy, Tina Biology 673-7916 Details
Smilanick, Phil Accounting 673-7296 Details
Smith, Jesse Custodial Department 337-5638 Details
Solemsaas, Rachel Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services 673-7014 Details
Sorensen, Rick Continuing Education 829-9010 Details
Sosnowski, Henry English 674-7993 Details
Sotelo, Henry Paralegal/Law 673-7098 Details
Souza, Travis Web College Division 674-7505 Details
Stage-Rosenberg, Julie Dental Hygiene 673-8279 Details
Steffens, Christene Student Support Services 673-7114 Details
Steinman, Joan Disability Resource Center 673-7060 Details
Steppat, Clare Admissions and Records 674-7992 Details
Stone, Cindy Nursing 673-8220 Details
Stormoen, Adine Mathematics 673-7295 Details
Strang, Loretta Childcare Center 674-7515 n/a Details
Streeper, Steven Economics 673-7282 Details
Stricklan, Toni Childcare Center 674-7515 Details
Sullivan, Erin Nursing 673-7115 Details
Sullivan, Sidney Re-entry Center 674-7661 Details
Summerhill, Brad English 674-7556 Details
Swank, Crystal Early Childhood Education 673-8272 Details

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