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Name Department Telephone Email Details
O'Bryan-Taft, Jen Re-entry Center 673-7170 Details
O'Gorman, Deb Wdce -Custom Training 824-3811 Details
O'Neal, Nancy Business 829-9023 Details
Ochoa, Ramon Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Ogaldez, Absalon Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Olsen, Jeffrey Mathematics 673-7298 Details
Olson, Cheryl Vice President of Academic Affairs 856-5304 Details
Olson, Rich Human Resources 674-7654 Details
Orthel-Clark, Haley Psychology 673-7136 Details
Ostrander, Jane Vice President of Academic Affairs 673-7058 Details
Oswald, Kelly Manufacturing Technology 856-5301 Details
Owens, Theodore Music 789-5675 Details
Ozbek, Karen ESL (college ESL) 673-7151 Details

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