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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Nelson, Steve Construction/Rennovation 674-7617 Details
Nero, Chris Police Department 674-7900 Details
Neuenfeldt, Eric English 673-7178 Details
New, Jim Technical Sciences Division 856-5307 Details
Newhall, Bill Mathematics 673-7068 Details
Nichols, Jane Vice President of Academic Affairs 673-7090 Details
Nichols, Jim Workforce Development and Continuing Education 829-9022 Details
Nicol, Candace Visual Arts 674-7698 Details
Nicolet, Diane Childcare Center 674-7516 Details
Noel, Michelle Liberal Arts Division 674-7610 Details
Noreen, Michele Veterinary Technology 850-4007 Details
Novosel, Michael Accounting Services 673-7012 Details
Nuckolls, Terri-Ann Financial Aid 673-7072 Details
Nyswonger, Nevin Diesel Technology 856-5684 Details

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