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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Macdonald, Ann'et Dental Hygiene 674-4845 Details
Madole, Hallie Wdce -Custom Training 824-8655 Details
Magstadt, Karen Redfield Campus Operations 850-4013 Details
Mahannah, Jackie Facilities Operations and Capital Planning 673-7101 Details
Makovskaya, Inna Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Malaglowicz, Steve Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Marston, Ron Graphic Arts 674-7938 Details
Martinez, Sandra Dental Assisting 673-8245 Details
Martinez, William Grounds Department 673-7048 Details
Mathiesen, Alex Maintenance Department 673-8222 Details
Mathiesen, Shari Financial Aid 673-7816 Details
Maxfield, Donna Disability Resource Center 673-7277 Details
McCool, Shannon Mathematics 673-7188 Details
McCoy, Diana Economics 674-7651 Details
McDonald, Lori Dental Hygiene 674-7554 Details
McDowell, Nicole Workforce Development and Continuing Education 824-3819 Details
McGathey, Louis HVAC Department 673-7920 Details
McGillicuddy, Linda Dental Assisting 673-7204 Details
McGuire, Bill Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
McMurray, Mai Anh English 673-7224 Details
Meador, Michele Human Resources 673-7249 Details
Mebust, Kreg Construction 673-7265 Details
Mela, Ken Veterans Upward Bound 824-3803 Details
Meranda, Keri Early Childhood Education 674-7515 Details
Mesina, Olga Disability Resource Center 673-7277 Details
Metcalf, Jeffrey Admissions and Records 674-7628 Details
Miller, Marian Technical Sciences Division 856-5302 Details
Miller, Peter Financial Aid 673-7073 Details
Miller, Randy Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Miller, Staci Academic Advisement 673-7062 Details
Misner, David Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Molt, John Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Montoya, Michelle English 673-7276 Details
Mooney, Tamera Student Services 337-5647 Details
Muhle, Jaime Financial Aid 673-7162 Details
Muhle, Julie Dental Assisting 673-7125 Details
Murdock, Bo Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Murgolo-Poore, Marie Business Division 337-5608 Details
Murray, David Grounds Department 673-7048 Details

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