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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Hagar, Ty Theater 789-5672 Details
Hall, Kurt Counseling 674-7681 Details
Hall, Precious Political Science 337-5636 Details
Hamm, Bernard Accounting Services 673-7156 Details
Hammett, Julia Anthropology 674-7589 Details
Hampton, Wade Humanities 673-7245 Details
Harder, Kelsie Visual Arts 674-7936 Details
Heddell, Brian Occupational and Safety Training 789-5555 Details
Hejny, Warren Radiologic Technology 673-7281 Details
Helget-Wellard, Saloma Budget and Planning 673-7005 Details
Henderson, Phyllis Education 673-7023 Details
Henry, Mary Accounting Services 673-7031 Details
Hensley, Patricia Re-entry Center 674-7990 Details
Hernandez, Angie Technical Sciences Division 857-4960 Details
Hernandez, Humberto Academic Advisement 673-7062 Details
Hernandez, Robert Veterans Upward Bound 829-9007 Details
Hestiyas, Blisin Mathematics 829-9024 Details
Hinman, Ana Budget and Planning 674-7594 Details
Hippert, Toni Sciences Division 674-7657 Details
Hoch, Marcia Counseling 674-7683 Details
Holcomb, Scott Welding 856-5318 Details
Holmes, Michael Construction 857-4949 Details
House, Cathy Computer Technologies 674-7969 Details
House, Ellen Nursing 673-7192 Details
Huber, Scott Biology 674-7590 Details
Huffaker, Stephen Police Department 674-7900 Details
Hughes, Andy Admissions and Records 673-7240 Details
Hull, Terri English Department 674-7578 Details
Huntley-Smith, Jennifer Humanities 673-7802 Details

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