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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Faires, Nancy Humanities 673-8257 Details
Farmer, Lisa Presidents Office 673-7104 Details
Farnham, John Grounds Department 673-7084 Details
Farrenkopf, Paula Mathematics 673-8229 Details
Ferguson-Mcintyre, Carlo Foreign Languages 674-7930 Details
Fernandez, Queency Professional Development 674-7663 Details
Ferreira, Ana Lidia Circulation 824-3816 Details
Ferrell, Gail Mathematics 850-4045 Details
Fiorini, Ruth Counseling 673-7060 Details
Fishlin, Bela Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Fitzsimmons, John Reference 674-7609 Details
Flesher, Anne Mathematics 673-7279 Details
Fletcher, Bob Social Sciences Department 674-7572 Details
Fletcher, Brian Political Science 674-7588 Details
Flocchini, Randy Public Safety and Police 674-7688 Details
Fontana, Donald Maintenance Department 673-8222 Details
Fontes, David Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Ford, Brenda Accounting Services 673-7158 Details
Fortner, Jimmy Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Franzwa, Sydnee Biology 673-7257 Details
Fraser, Hugh English 673-7219 Details
Frazier, Karen Foundation 674-7648 Details
Frederick, John Social Sciences Department 673-7185 Details
Fredrickson, Joel Computer Technologies 674-7950 Details
Fredrickson, Judith Computer Technologies 337-5625 Details
Freeman, Tammy Foundation 337-5650 Details
Frock, Erin Counseling 673-7060 Details
Fruzzetti, Armida Liberal Arts Division 673-7135 Details
Futia, Tony Public Safety and Police 673-7270 Details

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